Saturday, January 18, 2014

Perfume Sachets

At least a few times a month I get a question on how does one use a perfume sachet. Perfume sachets come in two types -

#1.  a powdered talcum impregnated with perfume
#2. is a small bag holding herbs and dried flowers

The first version was made for over 100 years by perfume companies as an addition to their perfume lines. These powdered perfumes were meant to be contained in small silk or satin sachet bags. Roger et Gallet and Richard Hudut made lots of these. Other sachets were of a liquid powder type meant to be worn on the skin, especially after bath. Often you can find these by Prince Matchabelli in the large crown bottles.

The second version are little bags, made up of any cloth, from lace to silk which contained the dried herbs, flowers and leaves. Usually one end is tied so that the sachet pouch could be opened, the contents removed and replaced with fresher ones. Popular fillings for sachets are rose petals, lavender flowers, orris powder, orange flowers and peels, jasmine flowers, rosemary, star anise, cinnamon sticks, cedar chips, or any other fragrance herbs and flowers.

After making your sachets you can add pieces of ribbon so that you can hang them.

What uses are there for sachets?

  • Fasten them to linings of hats to perfume them and you rhair
  • Hang from hangers to subtly perfume your garments and keep away moths
  • Keep them in your glove or hanky box
  • Store them in your underwear or lingerie drawer
  • Store them in your clothes drawers
  • Stuff them into your shoes
  • Pin them inside the linings of your coats
  • Put them underneath cushions of your sofa
  • Tuck them into your linens when you are done pressing them and before you store them
  • Put one under your pillow

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