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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Elizabeth Arden's Venetian Beauty Requisites

In 1912 Arden travelled to France to learn beauty and facial massage techniques used in the Paris beauty salons. She returned with a collection of rouges and tinted powders she had created. In an era when it was generally only acceptable for entertainers to wear makeup, Arden introduced modern eye makeup to North America. She also introduced the concept of the "makeover" in her salons.

Arden collaborated with A. Fabian Swanson, a chemist, to create a "fluffy" light whipped cream-like skin cream. The success of the cream, Venetian Cream Amoretta, and corresponding lotion, Arden Skin Tonic, led to a long-lasting business relationship. Elizabeth Arden's Venetian line of cosmetics along with her velvety Cream Amoretta--in her signature chic bottling--were being sold in department stores all over the country.

The products in the Venetian range included:
  • Venetian Velva Cream 
  • Venetian Amoretta Cream (for oily skin) 
  • Venetian Untra Amoretta Cream (for extremely dry skin) 
  • Venetian Adona Cream 
  • Venetian Reducine Lotion 
  • Venetian Cleansing Cream 
  • Venetian Skin Tonic 
  • Venetian Bleachine 
  • Venetian Anti-Wrinkle Cream 
  • Venetian Orange Skin Food 
  • Venetian Lille Lotion (Liquid Powder) 
  • Venetian Special Astringent 
  • Venetian Rose Color (Waterproof Liquid Rouge) 
  • Venetian D'Illusion Powder 
  • Venetian Waterproof Cream 
  • Venetian Poudre de Soir 
  • Venetian Crystalline Eye Drops 
  • Venetian Special Eye Cream 
  • venetian Special Eye Lotion 
  • Venetian Eyelash Cosmetique 
  • Venetian Lipstick 
  • Venetian Rouge Amoretta 
  • Venetian Flower Powder 
  • Venetian Milk of Almonds 
  • Venetian Lip Paste 
  • Venetian Ardena Masque 
  • Venetian Velva Bath 
  • Venetian Velva Liquid 
  • Venetian Muscle Oil 
  • Venetian Pore Cream 
  • Venetian Acne Lotion 
  • Venetian Ardena Hair Tonic 
  • Venetian Dandro 
  • Venetian Ardena Henna Shampoos 
  • Venetian Chamomile Shampoo Powder 
  • Venetian Special Tunisian Henna 
  • Venetian Graduated Henna 
  • Venetian Reducine Soap 
  • Venetian Carino Compact 
  • Venetian Electra Eradicator 
  • Venetian Tooth Paste 
  • Venetian Forehead Straps 
  • Venetian Eye Shadow 
  • Venetian Eye Pencils 
  • Venetian Patter 
  • Venetian Velva Bath Mitts 
  • Venetian Mascara 
  • Venetian Hand Cream 

A 1928 newspaper ad reads "ELIZABETH ARDEN'S VENETIAN DUSTING POWDER, a delightful luxury a smooth fine powder pure soft and lightly per A large box gaily flowered with a big puff."

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