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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Khara by Max Factor c1976

Khara by Max Factor: launched in 1976.

Khara is a city in Nepal and the thoughts of an Oriental perfume that wasn't a heavy scent intrigued many women.

Fragrance Composition:

So what did it smell like? It was a light, springlike fragrance. Opens with a sharp burst of lemon, green notes and spices.  White flowers, heavy on the jasmine with some gardenia and tuberose thrown in.
  • Top notes: aldehydes, lemon, green notes
  • Middle notes: spices, lavender, jasmine, gardenia, tuberose
  • Base notes: amber, sandalwood, musk, oakmoss

Available in the following products:
  • Natural Spray Cologne
  • Talcum Powder shaker
  • Dusting Powder
  • Amulet with crème perfume
  • Fragranced candle in ceramic holder
  • Ceramic Pomander
  • Bath pearls

Some newspaper ads:

"KHARA The deliciously new fragrance by Max Factor. Khara is racy and sensual. Designed for the exuberant woman of today."

"Khara" from Max Factor, Inc., Hollywood, is a "garden of pure fantasy" that combines floral top note with aromatic accents, harmonies of green tonality and persistent notes of oriental blends."

"VOILA! KHARA! Khara rhymes with hurrah and that's what one might say about ... a fantasy floral design the Max Factor Khara scents range..."

"Exotic Look of Jade Necklace filled with Khara Creme Perfume $3.75 with any Khara purchase. A gift that she’ll adore. Khara the sensuous fragrance from the garden"

"MAX FACTOR INTRODUCES KHARA The essential essence Fresh and flowery and new. Come into this very special garden just this side of innocence very near sensual..."

"Khara is what the Max Factor people call a "fantasy" fragrance — meaning, we suppose, that it isn't one of your Johnny- one-note naturals (lemon, civet cat, grape — great in their place, but about as suitable as sneakers with flowing caftans ... Khara smells unabashedly like perfume — full of flowers, spices, romance, mystery and allure."

"NATURAL KHARA SPRAY COLOGNE. Sexy, there's nothing to compare. Alluring Khara adds drama to night or day. In spray that releases just enough at just a touch..."

The Arab Economist, 1977:
"Someone slipped up in the marketing research division of Max Factor's it seems.  The company has just brought out a new perfume - "deliciously sexy" they call it - and their advertising campaign has been utilising an Arabian theme. Trouble is they have called their product "Khara," a word in Arabic more likely to repel than appeal -unless you happen to be a coprophiliac."

"Another Oriental-inspired shape: Max Factor's Khara Dynasty Fragrance Candle, modeled after a Chinese Foo dog ($7 50)."

Vogue, 1978:
"Hang pomanders up the closet wall. Caswell- Massey has gold-corded ones. Max Factor's pomander is called Jade Song— it's scented with Khara."

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued around 1983.

I think that Khara may have been pulled from the shelves due to a problem with Khara sounding too much like Ciara, a perfume by Revlon. But the real reason it was scrapped was probably because the word khara in Arabic means "shit".

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  1. I just happened to see this perfume on ebay and was struck on the name similarity and box-design to Yardley's Khadine scent! This one came out about 10 years later, I see...wonder if it was influenced.


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