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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Myon Perfumes

Myon was a luxury perfume house founded in 1928 by a man named Simon Jaroslawski (also known as Simon A. Jaroslawski-Fioret) and went into liquidation in the 1940s. His other two perfumery companies are Fioret and Ybry.

In addition to fine perfumes, Myon also produced cosmetics. Though some people may only be familiar with Myon's lighters.

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1933:
"New Myon numbers are lipstick and purse container, lipstick coming in three shades — Soires in black jewel case; matinee with red jewel; Fonce with green jewel. Perfumes 1000 Joies, Three Passions, Coeur de Femme."

Harper's Bazaar, 1933:
"THE new Myon perfumes will charm  jaded and blase tastes. The odors are all very distinctive, some dry, some sweet, all very nice. There is a choice of these and and you can pick the right one for your type, or if you don't know what your type is and nobody has ever told you, you can pick one according to your mood. The names are quite intriguing. 3 Passions (which we would like to know),Coeur de Femme and 1,000 Joies .Last but far from least, the packaging is very smart. The outer layer consists of a square leather box, in black, or wine or green. This is fastened with a snap. The bottle inside is fascinating, porcelain of the same color as the box and shaped like an urn. It is topped with a gold cap. The name is not on a label, but on a little tag hung by gold chains from the neck of the bottle."

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1934:
"MYON'S "EXALTATION," distributed by Al. Rosenfeld, Inc., is a hauntingly spicy odor that almost bespeaks the name. The attractive bottle shown here fits into a silver decorated deep blue box whose cover is held securely by two straps which snap onto the base."

Harper's Bazaar, 1934:
"The Odeur Exquisite COEUR DE FEMME {Heart of Woman) So many American visitors to Paris have been captivated by this entrancing perfume that we are obliged to bring it to America. "

Harper's Bazaar, 1934:
"MYON takes pride in presenting to America this latest masterpiece of the perfumer's art - Exaltation. Also makers of the famous perfumes 3 PASSIONS and 1000 JOIES in the ultra smart art bottles at $16.50 and $27.50 also available in the new, crystal flacons at $3.00, $6.00 and $15.00 — introductory purse size $1.50. MYON offers a new lipstick in three lovely shades remarkably indelible and permanent— in an exquisitely enameled JEWEL case. Priced at $1.00. "
Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1934:
"FACE POWDER in two odors, "Three Passions" and "Coeur de Femme" have been added to the Myon line. The shades are natural and Rachel No. 1 and No. 2. The attractive green wood grained is decorated with a red, green and ..."

The New Yorker, 1934:
"JEWEL - the new LIPSTICK by Myon — in three lovely shades, remarkably indelible and permanent— in an exquisitely enameled Jewel case. MYON— PARIS... 724 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y."

The New Yorker, 1935:
"Myon : Exaltation is the way they spell allure here."


The perfumes of the very short lived Mÿon line:
  • 1928 1000 Joies/Mille Joies (light and sweet perfume)
  • 1928 Three Passions
  • 1928 Si Different
  • 1928 Gardenia
  • 1928 Femme Moderne
  • 1928 Coeur de Femme (light and sweet perfume)
  • 1934 Exaltation (aldehydic perfume)
  • 1935 Secret Nocturne
  • 1935 Pois de Senteur


Colored Baccarat Crystal Bottles:

Each of Myon's perfumes was color coded, much like Ybry's. These colors corresponded to bottle colors, paper label colors, enameled label tag colors and possibly packaging.
  • Coeur de Femme - green
  • Pois des Senteur - green
  • Gardenia - blue
  • 1000 Joies - red
  • 3 Passions - black
  • Exaltation - white

The bottles for the Mÿon line were produced by Baccarat and were of the same opaque overlaid crystal technique as those classic flacons for Ybry.

Square Flacons:

These are square and have a hinged gilded brass stopper cover at one corner, flush with the bottle and not sticking outward as on the Ybry bottles.

Ginger Jar Bottles:

The most commonly found Myon perfumes often came in a stylized angular Baccarat Chinese ginger jar type of flacon made up of opaque overlaid crystal adorned with an enameled brass cover and label. An inner glass stopper is covered with a gilded brass cover. Original boxes are rare to find and add to the value. Both Coeur de Femme was housed in green flacons and 1000 Joies was housed in a red flacon.

However, sometimes the perfumes came in different colored bottles, the rarest of all Myon bottles is the black crystal Art Deco flacon by Baccarat with the gilded trim, this bottle held Mille Joie (1000 Joies) in 1928.

Colorless Baccarat Crystal Bottles:

Other Myon bottles are clear squat square shaped Baccarat crystal flacons with the same metal lids as on the ginger jar bottles. This bottle stands  2 3/4" tall.

Another Myon bottle is made up of clear Baccarat crystal. It was most notably used for the perfume Exaltation, but may have been used for others. Total height with box; 2 7/8". The bottle design was discontinued in 1935.

Cristalleries de Nancy Bottle:

Finally, another clear crystal flacon was used, it was manufactured by Cristalleries de Nancy. It stands approx. 2 3/4 inches tall and is approx. 1 1/2 inches wide at the widest point. This bottle held various perfumes and was often included in a set of several perfumes including Coeur de Femme, Si Different, Gardenia, Three Passions and Pois de Senteur.

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