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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Styx by Coty c1912

"Let Styx be your perfume. It's dark and disturbing, pagan in its name."


Styx was launched by Coty in 1912, named after the river Styx from classical Greek mythology, it was originally presented in a flacon designed by Rene Lalique. It was advertised as "The Fragrance of subtle, mysterious, haunting personalities."

So what does it smell like? It is green, mossy and quite beautiful in its composition. 
  • Top notes: bergamot, carnation, ylang ylang, galbanum
  • Heart notes: orris, incense, violet
  • Base notes:  amber, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla,  benzoin, woods, musk and oakmoss.

Styx was originally available in:
  • perfume/parfum/Extrait
  • eau de toilette
  • cologne
  • face powder called Au Styx
  • powder sachet

Styx was discontinued in 1945/1946. In 1951, Styx, along with La Rose Jacqueminot, again returned to the sales counters in a a new bottle, a familiar bottle used for various Coty fragrances, topped with a gilded cap.

Styx by Coty was discontinued by 1961.


In 1963, Yvonne Alexandrine Coty sold Coty Inc. to pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, with the stipulation that no member of the Coty family would be involved in the company. Under Pfizer, the company began to distribute its perfumes almost exclusively through drugstores, instead of in department stores as it had previously done.

Styx was revived again for the last time in 1971 by Pfizer-Coty.

Sometimes you may find the name Rallet on your boxes or bottles, the reason is because Rallet was bought out by Coty in 1926, then both were acquired by Pfizer, and in 1963, Rallet became a Pfizer brand. I 1971, the Spell-Spinning Spray was the first product of the "seven potions" of the Styx line that Rallet Division, Pfizer, Inc., New York, introduced in time for Halloween.

 The mythological River Styx is the source of a mysterious new collection from Coty — all scented — bewitchingly — with amber and citrus, and all tagged with incantations and spells. .. There's Styx Creme Fatale, a scented cream with a pale purply cast. Quick Silver Powder in a shaker. Triple Ripple Bath Brew — a marvelous parfait of oils, Spell Spinning Spray — an aerosol mist in 1 oz and 2 oz, a liquid enchanter called Eau de Mischief and Destiny Drops — a perfume oil.

  • 1 oz and 2 oz black bottle of Styx Spell Spinning Spray Mist, the legend on the back of the box instructed you to: 
The Styx-Charm to send him a message by air “I summon the spirits, the powers that be, Whisper my message, enchant him for me.” Cast the spell as you apply this mist-of-Styx in a spiraling spray; ankle to knee to wrist to throat, and down around again. Now wrap your thoughts around him. 
  • Styx Destiny Drops, a .25 oz perfume concentrate, tag on the bottle states "Rallet, div. of Pfizer."
  • 3 oz black bottle of Eau de Styx, back of the bottle states: "Rallet, Div. Pfizer N.Y. N.Y. 10017", a legend on the back reads:
"Start your lovetricks with a charm as potent as the mystic river.Veiled glances (hidden hearthoughts!) -all will be fulfilled. Now the witching hour is near...mischief's brewing. Styx is here!"
  • 3 oz black bottle of Styx Eau de Mischief Splash
"styx river, styx water, mystery double - turn him my way or bring him trouble!"
  • Styx Quicksilver Powder, A "Shimmering, silvery dust to light up your body after bath or shower, it's a Styx-power!", it also included a spell: 
"The Styx-Charm That Distracts Him From Another Girl: "Lightshine, Quickshine, Blind His Eyes To Any Other Girl But Me". Repeat his name (spelled backward) 10 times. Thus the spell is cast."
  • Styx Solid Perfume, packaged in little black plastic cauldrons,the package instructed you to:
"Repeat these words as you stroke on this potent Styx perfume:"Let love begin! Let cauldron and fire bind our hearts in one desire."


Styx was discontinued in 1978 and remains a highly collectible perfume today.


Styx bottles thru the ages.

c1912 Styx by Coty, Lalique flacon, photo by Drouot.

c1912-1950s Styx by Coty, bottle designed by Lalique but made by Coty's own glassworks, photo by Perfume Bottle Auctions

c1912-1920s, Styx by Coty, bottle designed by Lalique but made by Coty's own glassworks, photo by Rago Arts

1920s Styx by Coty, made by Coty's own glassworks and not by Lalique, photo by perfumeprojects

c1917, bottle by Coty's own glassworks, photo from ebay.

c1920-1930 Styx by Coty parfum, photo by ebay seller lorannael

c1930 Styx Eau de Toilette, photo by Quirky Finds

c1970s Styx Destiny Drops (Rallet-Pfizer label), photos from ebay

c1970s Styx Solid Perfume (Rallet-Pfizer label), photo from ebay.

c1970s Eau de Styx, (Rallet-Pfizer label), photo from ebay

c1970s Eau de Styx, (Rallet-Pfizer label), photo from ebay

c1970s Spell Spinning Spray (Rallet Pfizer label), photo by ebay seller si-qe

c1970s Styx Spell Spining Spray, photo from ebay

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