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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Djer-Kiss by Kerkoff c1908

Djer Kiss by Kerkoff has been a favorite since its inception in 1908. Djer Kiss was actually pronounced "Dear-Kiss" on old advertisements.

It was distributed exclusively by its sole agent, the Alfred H. Smith Co. of New York. The Smith company distributed it to the many departments stores and drug stores in the USA and Canada in the early 1900s.

c1920 ad showing all of the Djer Kiss products for that year

Djer Kiss was a mid priced toiletry line by Kerkoff which included perfume extract, toilet water, vegetale for the hair, cologne, perfumed sachet, talcum powder, face powder with exquisite compacts, lipstick, rouge, soap, cold cream and vanishing cream. All of the Djer Kiss products were made in France, and the advertisements made sure that everyone knew this fact.

Some of the products such as rouge, soap, compacts and vanishing creams were blended in the USA using Djer Kiss's imported French made ingredients.

Fragrance Composition: 

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a floral oriental fragrance for women with a dominant ambery vanilla base.
  • Top notes: lemon
  • Middle notes: jasmine and honeysuckle
  • Base notes: vetiver, spices, amber, vanilla, woodsy notes

Notions and Fancy Goods, Volume 42, 1908:

"A NEW PERFUME BY KERKOFF. The name of Kerkoff the greatest perfumer of Paris, was well known to the world of perfumers for many years prior to his production of Djer Kiss, the "Queen of Perfumes." The creation of that wonderful odor, however, was the real achievement which made his name not only great among perfumers, but made it a household word throughout the entire world. Djer Kiss has proven to be the most phenomenal success in the line of perfumery recorded for many years. No perfume ever established itself as a leader in such a limited time and made such a permanent success as this wonderful odor, which has been pronounced by experts in the line as the most perfume that was ever brought across the Atlantic. Djer Kiss is not only a ready seller but a profit as well, paying a larger percentage of profit to the retailer than probably any other standard perfume. This is a most important matter in these times of effort to secure business, bringing about close competition and cut prices. The importers and exclusive selling agents for this country, Alfred H Smith Co, maintain strictly the standard retail prices, and allow no cutting whatever under any circumstances, thus to the retailer a proper return upon his investment. Most perfumers would have been content to have rested upon their laurels after achieving such a success as Djer Kiss has proven to be. Not so, however, with Kerkoff. He desired to produce a perfume that should still further glorify his name and render it imperishable. He has at last succeeded in his effort, and Alfred H Smith Co now announce a new odor of Kerkoff's, which is claimed to be equal to Djer Kiss, while not competing with it in any way, as it is unlike it in every particular, and will soon have an enthusiastic clientele of its own. The new odor is called "Vera Stella," and those experts who have enjoyed a whiff of its intensive odor say without hesitation that it will surely become as popular as its predecessor, Djer Kiss, and that its popularity will not be ephemeral, but lasting."


Artists like Forkum, Maxfield Parrish, Willy Pogany, Wm. de Leftwich Dodge, F. Luis Mora, E.F. Neagle and others offered their artwork to be made into beautiful color advertisements which were included in all of the fashionable magazines of the era like The Ladies Home Journal.

ads from 1914.

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Fate of the Fragrance:

It was still being sold until recently.

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