Sunday, November 17, 2013

Amor Skin

"AMOR SKIN, the Secret of Women Who Never Look Old, you need no longer fear the ravages of time; the gradually appearing, tell-tale lines on face, neck and decollete."

Amorskin was a German brand of cosmetics which specialized in face creams. They seem to have been in business around 1928-1946. Amorskin was compounded, packaged and sealed in Berlin, Germany and imported to this country by the Opoterapia Company.  The American office of the Amorskin Corporation was located at Steinway Hall, 111-113 w. 57th St., New York.  They also had an office in Paris and Milan,Italy..

Amor Skin was perfected in a Berlin laboratory by a famous German specialist in . organotherapy. Made with extracts of the subcutaneous tissue of young animals, most notably, the "substance was obtained of the skin of a species of lizard or the identical substance obtained from a species of tortoise that live to a fabulous old age." Amor Skin feeds youth hormones to starving facial cells.Compounded originally at enormous cost.

The cream promised younger-looking, smooth, pimple, wrinkle free, rosy skin.

Booklets also appeared in German from Germany about "Amor Skin, Organo-Kosmetikum." These featured a large number of testimonials from German physicians who praised the concoction.

It was sold exclusively in special replica Pompeiian pottery pots shaped like the Aladdin lamp pictured in the foreground. "The Spirit of the Lamp". One "lamp" of Amor Skin cost $25 in 1928, which is the equivalent of $331.16 in 2012.

In 1946:
"Amor Skin.—That this product or any other preparation of substantially the same composition, whether sold under the same or a different name, will feed or nourish the skin or that its use will improve the structure or tissue of the skin or have any effect on the contour of the elbow, were misrepresentations which the Amorskin Corporation of New York agreed to drop from their advertising in a stipulation that they signed in January 1943 with the Federal Trade Commission."

The perfumes of Amorskin:

  •  1931 Fleurs Prisonnieres
  • 1931 Le Rouge et Le Bleu
  • 1931 La Peele Aude

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