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Monday, November 18, 2013

Cobra by Weil c1941

Cobra by Weil was launched in 1941.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like?  It is a gorgeous oriental perfume for women. There are no official notes listed anywhere for Cobra, so I have tested the perfume from a sealed stockinette covered glass ampule from the Evettes sample vials set from 1948-1949. I tested this both on my wrist and on a piece of paper. The perfume is very spicy, sweet and extremely sexy. How they got away with this hot number in the late 1940's is beyond belief.

  • Top notes: aldehydes, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg
  • Middle notes: jasmine, orange blossom, ylang ylang, tuberose, carnation, narcissus, rose
  • Base notes: benzoin, incense, balsam, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, amber, castoreum

It starts out with sharp notes of aldehydes and rich spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Then a floral heart steps in bringing us the sweetness of jasmine, orange blossom, ylang ylang, tuberose, carnation, and narcissus with a hint of roses and soapy goodness. The perfume dries down with a root beer note, probably from the benzoin, then incense, balsam, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, animalic notes of ambergris and castoreum.

Cobra was sold as perfume and cologne only. Prices remained the same from 1941-1950.:
  • ¼ oz Perfume $5.00
  • ½ oz Perfume $10.50
  • 1 oz Perfume $18.50
  • 2 oz: Perfume $35.00
  • 4 oz Cologne $5.00


Here are some ads from the period describing the perfume:

1941: “COBRA the haunting perfume from the masterful hand of Weil. A new fragrance this year and very well liked.”

1941: “haunting is Cobra the new perfume by Weil. Nobody knows where Cobra strikes and nobody knows how many conquests. You’ll make when you wear this provocative perfume.”

1943 a reads: “Weil’s phenomenal new Cobra is sharp and so dry as to be unbelievably unreal and a woman who wears it stands out alone in all her beauty.”

1943 ad reads: “out of this world perfumes by Weil” Few others can match the individuality and distinction of perfumes by Weil. “Cobra”, the newest that Vogue calls “a safe gift because it is such a favorite.”. Cassandra, exquisitely feminine with haunting overtones. Zibeline whose frosty fragrances makes one think of luxury furs like Silver Fox and Platinum Mink.”

1944: “Cobra. Deep and diabolic perfume for the glamour gal on your list.”

1945: “Weil's Cobra perfume a hypnotic fragrance intended for an enchantress”

1945 ad reads: “Cobra by Weil, the perfume for fur scarves.”

1946: “The ideal fragrance for the dark exotic personality”

1946 ad reads: “Cobra Perfume by Weil...Sly, female, changeable, fascinating…Cobra belongs to the woman who knows her own strength, whose instincts are subtle and wise, and whose timing is flawless. And the woman who wears Cobra stands out alone in all her beauty like some new divine instrument soloing to the gods.”.

1946: "COBRA Weil's with a haunting fragrance that weaves a web of magic enchantment."

1948 ad reads: “Cobra by Weil…Delightful, elusive, mysterious fragrance…haunting as tribal drums. “
1948: “COBRA in capsules can’t spill in your bag. WEIL’S perfume EVETTES. Take up next to no room yet potent with perfume when crushed. 12 In a box”

1948: “Weil’s Cobra. EVETTES. Fragrance at the flick of your. fingers whenever wherever you desire it the sultry aura of Cobra. Each tiny ampule releases a cloud of fragrance.”

The New Yorker, 1948:
"Weil's exotic Cobra perfume is now put up in tiny ampoules swathed in cotton. When the time is auspicious, you crush the thing, apply the cotton wherever you wish, and start smelling magnificent. Enough scent remains on the cotton so that it can be used as a sachet. A box of twelve is $1.80, including tax. They're called Evettes, before I forget."

Modern Packaging, 1949:
"An entirely new idea in perfume packaging is the "Evettes" package, containing 12 tiny ampoules of Cobra perfume, put out by Parfums Weil Paris Co. The stockinette-covered glass containers are an outgrowth of the war for the packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals in small ampoules that could be crushed between the fingers. Properly dressed up, these tiny ampoules provide a most convenient method of handling perfume. Each sealed ampoule is just enough for one application. You merely crush it in its stockinette cover and rub it on the skin. The special ampoule glass, when crushed, reverts to a granular structure within the stockinette when rolled between the fingers so that there is nothing to scratch."

1949: "Potent perfume in cloth covered ampules. WEIL'S COBRA. Perfume in Evettes. box of 12 1.50* Cobra Cologne 2 oz 2.75"

1950: "Greatly beloved and desired Weil fragrances are made of imported French essential . Cobra."

Fate of the Fragrance:

Cobra was popular and was sold until around 1950-1951. It has been discontinued and is very hard to find, if anyone has any, I will be happy to have it!

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