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Friday, December 6, 2013

Le Roy Soleil by Schiaparelli c1947

Le Roy Soleil is a perfume by Elsa Schiaparelli produced in 1947, to celebrate the end of the World War by recalling the glory days of the Louis XIV.

Schiaparelli commissioned Salvador Dali to design the bottle. It was produced in a limited edition of only 2000 bottles and it is an homage to the Sun King.

Shocked: My Mother, Schiaparelli, and Me by Patricia Volk:
“To celebrate the liberation of Paris, she collaborates with Dali on her most dramatic perfume presentation: Press the catch. A gold scallop shell yawns to reveal a Baccarat bottle. The dauber is the sun. Its bursting rays are hand-gilded. The features of the sun’s  face are composed of Schiap’s symbol of freedom, birds in flight. The base of the bottle is the rippling ocean. Waves crest in blue enamel. “Though too expensive and too sophisticated for the general public,” she wrote, “it was a lovely object destined not to die.” Schiap calls this presentation “Le Roy Soleil.” Two thousand Sun Kings are produced and sell out immediately. She send a botte to one of her best customers. A thank you note is hand-delivered.: 
Dear Madame Schiaparelli. It is really the most beautiful bottle ever made, and the Roy Soleil is a very lasting and sweet gentleman. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your giving me such a handsome present which has displaced the Duke’s photograph on the coiffeuse! I shall be back again either tomorrow or Friday morning. 
With every good wish for great success with your collection which deserves all the applause. 
I am, 
Believe me, 
Yours sincerely, 
Wallis Windsor."


photo from takasago

Presented in a three-dimensional seascape crystal bottle that has a large blazing sun stopper,  the stopper gilt with sun rays, black birds representing features in black, designed by Salvador Dali and made by Cristalleries de Baccarat.  A fragrance as warm and golden as the reign of Louis XIV for which it was named, made and packaged in France.

Harper's Bazaar, 1946:
"Schiaparelli's new and devastating "Le Roy Soleil."

Harper's Bazaar, 1947:
"In the same regal manner,- Schiaparelli's "Le Roy Soleil" perfume."

Esquire, 1947:
"And still another called "Le Roy Soleil," a French perfume named for Louis XIV whose epoch was considered the most glorious in the history of France. This is positively a sumptuous production ... a gold fleck bottle of baccarat crystal with a sunburst stopper."

Current Biography, 1952:
"For a separate perfume business, also housed at the same address, Schiaparelli designs bottles, labels, and boxes for “Shocking", “Salut", “Le Roi [sic] Soleil”, “Zut," and other perfumes."

Le monde des affaires en France, 1952:
"Schiaparelli s'est spécialisé dans les flacons étonnants en forme de mannequin, de chandelier auréolé de flammes, comme son dernier : « Roy soleil »"

Woman's Guide to Europe, 1954:
" Schiaparelli, 21 Place Venddme. "Succes Fou"— indeed a mad success; "Salut"— for young girls; "Snuff '—tweedy, masculine; "Sleeping"— wistful, delicate; "Shocking"— elegant, refined; "Zut"— shocking; "Roi [sic] Soleil"— luxurious."

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued (date unknown)

A painting, the 1945 piece Le Roy Soleil, was inspired by the Sun King, France’s Louis XIV. Parfums Salvador Dalí chairman Jean-Pierre Grivory says that Dalí admired the 17th century ruler who was noted for his creativity and excesses in fashion and lifestyle. That in turn inspired the bottle for the men’s fragrances, Le Roy Soleil (1997) and Black Sun (2007) which comes in a bottle with the sun’s image etched on it.

In June 1997, the perfume Le Roy Soleil was released by Parfums Salvador Dali, inspired by the Schiaparelli perfume of the same name; created by Phillipe Ramano.

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a soft oriental parfum de toilette.
  • Top notes: bergamot, pawpaw, lemon, pineapple and rosewood
  • Heart notes: clove, cinnamon, cyclamen, rose, jasmine and apricot
  • Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, Tonka bean, vanilla and musk

Presented in a similar Schiaparelli bottle designed by Salvador Dali.

Le Roy Soleil pour Homme.

 Sweeter and less aggressive than most male fragrances Le Roy Soleil Homme by Salvador Dali is a special occasion eau de toilette, introduced in 1997.

  • Top notes: neroli, Calabrian bergamot, ozone accord
  • Middle notes: toronja, Egyptian geranium, jasmine
  • Base notes: amber, cedar, Brazilian rosewood

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