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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Babcock Perfumes

In this guide I have listed the various perfumes presented by AP Babcock of New York City.  Babcock was a perfumer who launched a range of fragrances under own name, also made fragrances for other companies such as We Moderns for Saks Fifth Avenue in 1928.

AP Babcock was located at 38 W 18th Street New York. Established 1899 by AP Babcock.

Marketing Communications - Volume 97 - Page 13, 1916:
"Agency for Babcock's Corylopsis of Japan. The advertising of Babcock's Corylopsis of Japan products manufactured by the AP Babcock Co. New York has been placed in charge of Hanff-Metzger Inc of the same city." 

Cosmetics and Toiletries - Volume 17 - Page 512, 1922:
"JL Strawn - Mrs AP Babcock. Two deaths within two days caused general regret in the establishments of the AP Babcock Co perfumers 501 Fifth avenue New York. On December 22, Mrs Mary L. Babcock, widow of Alfred P Babcock founder of the firm, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Lewis EK White, at Glen Head Long Island where funeral services were held on the morning of the 26th On December 23. JL Strawn, credit manager of the AP Babcock Co and connected with the firm for fourteen years was stricken with heart failure on an Erie Railroad train about 7:30 in the evening while returning to his home at Pearl River NY. He is survived by his widow and three children two daughters and one son. Mr. Strawn had made himself a valuable assistant to H. Henry Bertram, president and general manager of the Babcock company." 

The American Perfumer and Essential Oil Review, Volume 16, 1922:
"A petition in bankruptcy was filed May 31 against AP Babcock Co. manufacturing perfumery and talcum powder at 501 Fifth avenue New York City by these creditors Ungerer and Co., $559 Swindell Brothers $1,697, Roure Bertrand Fils Inc $896, and Sophie M Bultman $16,599. It is stated that the liabilities are upward of $60,000 and the assets about $45,000 and that a judgment for $15,815 has been docketed against the company. Judge Hand has appointed Jesse Watson receiver in $5,000 bond to serve without compensation. The business was established in about 1880 by the late Alfred P. Babcock who died in 1903. Several years later Mr LEK White was employed by the firm as salesman and in 1909 he married Miss Lena Babcock, daughter of the founder of the business. In that year the firm was incorporated and soon thereafter Mr H Henry Bertram acquired an interest in it and was made secretary and treasurer giving his attention to finances and advertising. Mr White then became vice president and general manager. Richard C. Bultman, president of the company died in April 1919. The business was conducted on a profitable basis until recently and in fact expansion was so considerable during recent years that the manufacturing plant was moved to Rutherford NJ in February 1920. Considerable delay was experienced in completing the factory and we understand that this interfered with production to such an extent that considerable business that had been booked was canceled. From what we are able to learn the business will be continued under the old name and will not be closed."
Drug and Chemical Markets, Volume 10, 1922:
"Judge A N Hand has dismissed the petition in bankruptcy filed last May against AP Babcock & Co manufacturers of perfumes and talcum powder 501 Fifth ave The creditors were paid 100 cents on the dollar in cash." 
Plastic Products, 1933:
"H. Henry Bertram, Associated Manufacturers' of Toilet Articles president, has resigned from A. P. Babcock Co., to become affiliated with Frederick Loeser & Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. department store. He will head its toilet goods department."

I believe the AP Babcock Company was out of business around 1946. I probably don't have every single fragrance listed, so if I missed one, please let me know.

The perfumes of AP Babcock:
  • 1899 Queen Cologne
  • 1903 Bouquet Acme 
  • 1903 Coast Violets 
  • 1903 Coast Violet Sachet 
  • 1903 Cut Roses 
  • 1903 Double Pink 
  • 1903 Florabel 
  • 1903 Golden Gate Rose 
  • 1903 Hinoki 
  • 1903 Purple Lilac 
  • 1903 Sicilian Violet 
  • 1903 Vogue 
  • 1903 Vraie Violette 
  • 1908 Black Prince
  • 1908 Florabel
  • 1908 Hinoki
  • 1908 Mercedes
  • 1908 Purple Lilac
  • 1908 Stephanotis
  • 1908 Hermosa
  • 1908 Japanese Motiya
  • 1908 Manhattan Violet
  • 1908 Myosotis
  • 1908 Pine Needle
  • 1908 Rejane
  • 1908 Ruby Hyacinth
  • 1908 Santo Cutis
  • 1908 Utilis Cologne
  • 1908 Vogue
  • 1910 Golden Gate Fresh Violets
  • 1910 Golden Gate Japonica
  • 1910 Golden Gate Rose
  • 1920 Love Petals
  • 1920 Violet Elise
  • 1920 La Romance
  • 1920 Blue Jasmine
  • 1920 Butterfly
  • 1922 Acme
  • 1922 Honeysuckle
  • 1922 Cut Roses
  • 1922 Corylopsis of Japan
  • 1922 Cho Cho San
  • 1922 Flower of Savoy  
  • 1922 Prettiest
  • 1923 Tip Tap
  • 1925 Cigarette
  • 1925 Superfumes
  • 1926 Lady Nicotine
  • 1926 Black Bottom
  • 1926 La Bud Parisienne
  • 1928 We Moderns by Saks Fifth Avenue
  • 1928 Romany 
  • 1930 This
  • 1930 Eventide
  • 1930 Noon
  • 1930 Morn
  • 1930 Camille
  • 1930 Eunedus
  • 1930s Lore
  • 1931 Numerology
  • 1934 Ann Hathaway
  • 1934 Gardenia
  • 1934 Jasmin 
  • 1936 Ma Cheri
  • 1963 Lilac
  • Boston Man

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, Volume 39, 1936:
"A. P. Babcock's "Ma Cherie" line consists of cologne, dusting powder, bath crystals and talcum powder, packaged in bottles and boxes covered with natural Japanese wood veneer and decorated with hand-applied imported oil painting reproductions with natural wood ball stoppers."

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