Friday, January 3, 2014

Houpette Pli Retractable Powder Puffs

In this guide I will introduce you to the small world of the Houpette Pli, the unusual container with a retractable swansdown powder puff from France. The word "houpette" means "puff in French. and Pli means "fold".

c1934 ad

The pli was manufactured by Alexandre Willk. Their primary client was Molinard.

Plis can be found made up of celluloid, bakelite and galalith. The bottom unscrews for powder and is usually imprinted “Brevete Pli S.G.D.G. Made In France”.

The top unscrews and reveals a fluffy powder puff when the cylinder tube is pushed up. Attached to material encasing the outside of the puff are delicate wires that allow the goose down feathers to expand as they are passed through the tube. Powder can be expelled by unscrewing the cap on the base.

French trademarks:

  • Brevet or Brevete is French for "patent" or "patented." Remember, it is NOT the maker's name!
  • Cie or Compagnie means "company."
  • Déposé means "registered"
  • Modele Déposé means "registered design"
  • Marque Déposé means "trademark"
  • Marque de Fabrique means "trademark."
  • Décore a la main means "hand decorated."
  • Bté. SGDG is the abbreviation for Breveté Sans Garantie du Gouvernement which means "Patented Without State Guarantee."

photos from worthpoint

Molinard branded Pli, photos from worthpoint

Molinard branded Pli, photos from worthpoint

photo from worthpoint

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