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Langlois Perfumes

United Drug Co/Rexall. of New York City and Boston, Massachusetts. They also operated under the name Langlois. You can also find compacts from Langlois, usually marked Cara Nome, Shari or Jonteel.

The perfumes of Langlois:
  • 1910 Juneve
  • 1915 Bouquet Dazira
  • 1916 Narcisse
  • 1916 Cara Nome
  • 1917 Coeur d'Or
  • 1917 Duska
  • 1918 Violet Dulce
  • 1918 Jonteel
  • 1918 Truflor
  • 1920 Arbutus
  • 1920 Cœur d’Or
  • 1920 Fleur des Bois, this is the rebranded Dazira
  • 1920 Jasmine
  • 1920 Gardenia
  • 1920 Sweet Pea
  • 1920 Ambre
  • 1920 Rose
  • 1920 Violette
  • 1920 Narcissus
  • 1920 Lavender
  • 1921 Juneve, relaunched
  • 1921 Bouquet Ramee
  • 1921 Harmony (a line)
  • 1921 Harmony Trefle
  • 1921 Harmony Lilac
  • 1921 Harmony Lilac Vegetal
  • 1921 Harmony Rose
  • 1921 White Rose
  • 1921 Lilac
  • 1921 Dazira
  • 1922 Coeur de Trefle
  • 1922 Coeur de Violette
  • 1922 June Bouquet
  • 1922 Nacre
  • 1922 Shari
  • 1922 Alma Zada
  • 1922 Fleur des Bois
  • 1922 Intense
  • 1922 White Lilac
  • 1923 Duska Toilet Water
  • 1925 Plymouth Garden
  • 1925 Narcisse des Alpes
  • 1925 Tish Tish
  • 1930 Fair Warning
  • 1930 Georgia Rose
  • 1935 Lilas Fleur
  • 1951 Cara Nome White Mink
  • 1954 Cara Nome Springwood
  • 1962 Cara Nome Spring Lily

Shari was a complete line by Langlois. It included perfume, beauty cream, cleansing cream, talcum powder, toilet powder, toilet water, face powder, rouge, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. The items were boxed in floral Chinoiserie printed silk covered boxes and compacts. The perfume was contained in imported bottles. Perfumed with the fragrance and charm of early . blossom time.  Shari perfume came in various sizes and retailed at $1.50 to $10.00 in 1927. Shari was discontinued by 1936.

Cara Nome was also a complete line by Langlois. It included perfume, beauty cream, cleansing cream, talcum powder,vanishing cream, hand cream, pancake makeup, toilet powder, toilet water, bath salts, deodorant, bubble bath, face powder, sachet, cologne, rouge, eyebrow pencil, permanent wave kits, night cream, mascara and lipstick. Various perfume bottles from America, Baccarat and Czechoslovakia housed the perfume. Cara Nome perfume came in various sizes and retailed from $1.00 to $9.00 in 1927. In 1943, Cara Nome was described as "Created by Langlois, it is the recognized equal of the finest French fragrances. A perfume with a bouquet of such exquisite delicacy no words can describe its beauty."  Cara Nome soon turned into a division of the company and also had its own perfumes White Mink in 1951, Springwood in 1954, Spring Lily in 1962. Cara Nome was discontinued shortly after 1962.

Jonteel was a line by Langlois and included: perfume, toilet water, face powder, vanishing cream, cold cream face powder, soap, cold cream, wool powder puffs, and talcum powder. The graphics for the products featured an exotic parrot. The perfume was made up of twenty six floral essences. The flower gardens of the entire world have yielded up their choicest blooms for Jonteel. Jonteel was discontinued by 1941.

Bouquet Ramee was also a line by Langlois. It included perfume, toilet water and face powder. The perfume retailed at $3.75 in 1927. Bouquet Ramee was discontinued by 1938.

Truflor was a line of single note flower perfumes, included were Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Rose, Gardenia, Arbutus, Narcissus, Violette and Lilas. These retailed for $1.50 in 1927. Looks like it was probably discontinued around 1927 or so as I cannot find any other mention of the name in newspaper ads after 1927.

Juneve was also a line by Langlois/Reval. It included perfume, toilet water, cold cream, talcum powder and face powder. Looks like it was probably discontinued around 1928 or so as I cannot find any other mention of the name in newspaper ads after 1928.

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