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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lazell's Perfumes

Lazell of New York City. Established around 1870, the company was later acquired by Max Factor.

Lewis T. Lazell


Annual Meeting of the Manufacturing Perfumers' Association of the ..., Volume 9, 1903:
"Lewis Thurber Lazell, late senior member of the old and well known house of Lazell, Dalley & Co. manufacturing perfumers and formerly wholesale druggists of New York City, was born near Worcester, Massachusetts on February 19, 1825, and died of gastritis after a severe illness at his home 69 Livingston Street Borough of Brooklyn, New York City on April 30, 1902. He was a descendant of John Lazell, a Huguenot who came to America in the reign of Louis XIV and settling in Massachusetts, established his home at Hingham, where he subsequently was chosen a town officer, and marrying in 1647, left a large family. 
In early childhood, Lewis T. Lazell became a resident of Worcester and was educated in that city. In his youth he mastered the profession of pharmacy and in early manhood engaged in the retail drug business which he conducted with marked success. In 1855, he disposed of this business, and removing to New York City, assisted in establishing the firm of Lazell, Marsh & Hunn, which succeeded the old house of Haskell, Merrick & Bul,l which dated back to the early part of the century and later reorganized as Lazell, Marsh & Gardiner, and doing an extensive business in the manufacture and sale of drugs, became known in all parts of the country. In 1884, upon the death of Mr Marsh, and the admission of Henry Dalley to partnership, the firm changed its style to Lazell, Dalley & Co. under which title, it was subsequently incorporated.

In the business world, Mr. Lazell was warmly esteemed as a man of unblemished integrity and the purest character. Of late years, with increasing age he gradually withdrew from active business affairs, but never for a moment did he lose his interest in them nor in the wider field of the world's work. A Baptist in religious faith, Mr. Lazell was for many years a member, and also a trustee of the Pierrepont Street Baptist Church, afterwards the First Baptist Church of Brooklyn. A few years ago he changed his membership to the Emanuel Baptist Church, also in Brooklyn with the pastor of which the Rev. Dr. Humpstone, he was on terms of most cordial intimacy. He took a deep interest in works of religion and charity, and always lent his kindly and generous support to them.

A lover of nature and an ardent disciple of Izaak Walton, Mr. Lazell found his most delightful recreation in the sport of angling and attained to great skill as a trout fly fisherman. He was one of the organizers of the Oquossoc Angling Association of Rangeley Lake Maine. and for many years annually visited the waters of that region in quest of his favorite sport. Mr. Lazell was an old and esteemed member of the New England Society of New York, and also a member of the Hamilton Club of Brooklyn whose elegant club house was near his residence, and among the membership of which were many of his closest friends. In the social and family relations, his life was uncommonly beautiful. He was of manner so gentle and winning that all with whom he came into personal contact remained warmly attached to him. His widow and four daughters survive him. His remains were interred at Worcester, Mass."


The As-The-Petals line was introduced around 1910, and featured a drawing of seductive Salome surrounded by luxurious veils.

This is by far not the entire list of perfumes, but are merely the only perfumes I could find. If you have another to add, please let me know, thanks. The perfumes would appear for many years in different advertisements.

The perfumes of Lazell:

  • 1874 Redwood Bouquet
  • 1878 Bouquet
  • 1878 Bouquet Anglais
  • 1878 Bouquet Caroline
  • 1878 Bouquet Victoria
  • 1878 Carnation Pink
  • 1878 Cedrat
  • 1878 Clove Pink
  • 1878 Frangipanni
  • 1878 Heliotrope
  • 1878 Honeysuckle
  • 1878 Jasmin
  • 1878 Jockey Club
  • 1878 Lily of the Valley
  • 1878 Magnolia
  • 1878 May Flowers
  • 1878 Marechale
  • 1878 Millefleur
  • 1878 Moss Rose
  • 1878 Mousseline
  • 1878 Musk
  • 1878 New Mown Hay
  • 1878 Night Blooming Cereus
  • 1878 Ocean Spray
  • 1878 Orange Blossom
  • 1878 Patchouly
  • 1878 Persian Bouquet
  • 1878 Pond Lily
  • 1878 Rondeletia
  • 1878 Rose
  • 1878 Rose Geranium
  • 1878 Santal
  • 1878 Spring Flowers
  • 1878 Stephanotis
  • 1878 Sweet Briar
  • 1878 Tea Rose
  • 1878 Tube Rose
  • 1878 Upper Ten
  • 1878 Verbena
  • 1878 Violet
  • 1878 West End
  • 1878 White Lilac
  • 1878 White Rose
  • 1878 Wood Violet
  • 1878 Ylang Ylang
  • 1880 Azalea
  • 1883 Persian
  • 1887 Bridal Bouquet
  • 1887 Essence Bouquet
  • 1887 Sweet Pea
  • 1887 Irisinia
  • 1887 Musk Rose
  • 1887 Rosalia
  • 1887 Sweet Lotus
  • 1888 Roman Frangipanni
  • 1892 Meadow Lily
  • 1893 Queen Isabella
  • 1894 Hispania
  • 1903 Tricarno
  • 1903 Ardor 
  • 1903 Ballard's Cologne Oil 
  • 1903 Belwood Blossoms 
  • 1903 Belwood Face Powder 
  • 1903 Belwood Flora 
  • 1903 Belwood Rose 
  • 1903 Belwood Violet 
  • 1903 Carnatia 
  • 1903 Coronaria 
  • 1903 Empire Lily 
  • 1903 Empire Musk 
  • 1903 Empire Orchid 
  • 1903 Empire Rose 
  • Empire Violet 
  • 1903 Gardenia 
  • 1903 Golden Chrysanthemum 
  • 1903 Hispania 
  • 1903 Irisinia 
  • 1903 Japanese Moon Flower 
  • 1903 Ly-co-dine Nursery Powder 
  • 1903 Meadow Lily 
  • 1903 Perfection 
  • 1903 Persian Musk 
  • 1903 Roman Frangipanni 
  • 1903 Rose Everlasting
  • 1903 Russian Lily 
  • 1903 Russian Rose 
  • 1903 Russian Violet 
  • 1903 Violetia 
  • 1906 Valley Rose
  • 1908 Aida
  • 1908 Ardor
  • 1910 Rose of Ceylon
  • 1911 Violet Elect
  • 1913 Massatta
  • 1916 Mignonette
  • 1916 Nearkis
  • 1916 Carnation
  • 1916 Rose Petals
  • 1916 Cloth of Gold
  • 1916 As The Petals
  • 1916 Field Violets
  • 1916 Japanese Honeysuckle
  • 1916 Babykin
  • 1916 White Lilac
  • 1916 Lilac
  • 1916 Bocadia
  • 1916 Lily of the Valley
  • 1917 Massata
  • 1922 Japanoda
  • 1922 Samurai
  • 1922 Clover Buds
  • 1922 Valley Rose
  • 1922 Perpetua
  • 1922 Coeur de Fleur
  • 1922 White Rose of Ceylon
  • 1922 English Ideal
  • 1923 Narcissa

Prices Current By Fuller & Fuller Co., Chicago, 1907:

The Druggist's Circular, 1878:

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