Saturday, March 22, 2014

Skinny Dip by Leeming c1970

"Be a Skinny Dip Girl! Skinny Dip Makes a Girl Feel Pretty"

Skinny Dip was released in 1970 by Leeming, a division of Pfizer.

Four scents were available:
  • Regular which was brisk and breezy in a young beguiling scent with the dewy freshness of spring rain.
  • Wild strawberry that came in a bottle with a pink cap
  • Lemon which came in a bottle with a yellow cap, out in 1972
  • Tingling Fluff Cologne which I am unsure of the actual scent.

The fragrances were available in spray mist cologne, splash cologne,, after bath cologne, dusting powder, bubble bath, soap cakes, bath oil, moisturizing hand and body lotion, and more. By 1975, you could get all four tangy solid colognes by Skinny Dip in a compact.

Actress Sandy Duncan appeared in a commercial for Skinny Dip cologne.

Skinny Dip had a really cool gift set for young girls. The set included a 2 oz bottle of Skinny Dip spray mist cologne, a 4 oz box of dusting powder, and a kit for making crewel patches came with colorfast thread, needle, two 3" x 3" denim patches (a strawberry and a flower), and instructions. The package stated "Stitch up a wild strawberry and a fun flower. Then sew them onto your favorite jeans, jacket, hat, anywhere you want a patch!"

In 1973, you could get the Skinny Dip Tote, it was filed with a 2 oz spray mist, 3 oz perfume talc,a and a 6 oz bubble bath, all contained in a floral patterned tote bag for $5.85.

In 1977, Skinny Dip's lemon cologne was still being sold and in 1979, the Skinny Dip Colognes were finally discontinued all together.

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