Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Maudy & De Musset Perfumes

Maudy of 7 rue Lilas, Colombes (Seine) France, established in 1928 by Adrienne Foy,  affiliated to de Musset and produced luxury presentations..

De Musset was established in New York in 1928 by Marcel Foy in New York in 1928; launched a range of fragrances in c1920 and 1930's and remained in business of short duration. Associated with Legrain.

I believe that De Musset used the perfumes from Maudy, gave them slightly different names and repackaged them for sale in the USA. Both Maudy and De Musset used bottles from Depinoix and Baccarat.

The Perfumes of Maudy:

  • 1925 California
  • 1927 Pois de Senteur
  • 1927 Chere Petite Chose
  • 1928 Muguet
  • 1928 Idylle
  • 1928 Jadrya
  • 1928 Jasmin
  • 1928 Chypre
  • 1929 Golden Bouquet

The perfumes of De Musset:

  • 1926 Myette
  • 1927 de Musset
  • 1927 Poeme
  • 1927 Desir
  • 1927 Royal Chypre
  • 1927 Royal Jasmin
  • 1927 Royal Lilas
  • 1927 Royal Gardenia
  • 1928 Royal Pois de Senteur
  • 1928 Féminité, rebranded fragrance Poeme.
  • 1929 Morlet
  • 1930 Bouquet
  • 1930 Ze Breath of Paris
  • 1930 Pour l'Amour

The perfume for Feminette by De Musset: launched in 1928, was housed inside of a flattened, disk shaped bottle realistically molded w/ gilded design of paper money leaves, w/ matching gilded stopper, by Maurice Depinoix.4 1/8" tall.This bottle was also used for the perfume Poeme in 1928.

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