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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Parfums Renoir

Parfums Renoir was established at 20 rue de la Paix, Paris in 1939.

The Parfums Renoir company operated under the umbrella of "Societe d'Etudes et d'Expansion de la Parfumerie de Luxe, Societe Anonyme" (SEEPL, SA) of 20 rue de la Paix, Paris, along with the two other perfume companies: Parfums Raucour, and Parfums Robert Piguet .

Parfums Renoir launched their own line of fragrances but also produced perfumes for other companies such as Robert Piguet. Parfums Renoir was established at 20 rue de la Paix, Paris in 1939, the same address as SEEPL, SA.

Renoir became Raucour in 1945,but most of the fragrances were still sold under the Renoir name in the USA, where they were distributed by Mauvel Ltd of New York.

Renoir had a perfume Futur in 1939, this was later used by Piguet in 1967. And while under the Raucour name, the perfume Calypso was released and later used by Piguet. All of these similar named fragrances appear to be the same in formula, just recycled names. When one company was dissolved, the surviving company took over usage of the perfume name, trade dress and distribution, only to be rebranded under their own company name.

Parfums Renoir:

The perfumes of Renoir:
  • 1939 Dona Sol (aldehydic oriental perfume, good with fur)
  • 1939 Futur (a spicy oriental or semi-oriental myrrh perfume)
  • 1939 Messager (aldehydic sweet floral jasmine perfume)
  • 1941 Impetuous
  • 1942 Alibi
  • 1942 My Alibi
  • 1942 Chi Chi (a spicy, powdery perfume)
  • 1942 Witchcraft
  • 1942 Aka-Iveh
  • 1942 Daring
  • 1943 Cattleya Elegans
  • 1944 Paradox
  • 1945 Pastorale
  • 1946 Gambade ((jasmine, rose, lilac, hyacinth and honeysuckle)
  • 1947 Grande Epoque (a spicy floral bouquet perfume)
  • 1949 Eau de Renoir
  • Guirlande
  • Pavane

Dona Sol by Renoir is described as a slightly sharp aldehydic perfume imbued with sweet jasmine and warm spice, said to be good with furs. The perfume was inspired by the enticing and dramatic Spanish fashions, capturing all the warmth and romance of Spain. "Renoir takes the fire of seven suns to melt the coolest heart in Dona Sol." It was still being sold in 1959 under Renoir name.
  • Top notes: citrus, neroli, bergamot, aldehydes, linden blossom
  • Middle notes: orange blossom, jasmine, rose, honeysuckle, lilac, and lily of the valley
  • Base notes: sandalwood, musk, and civet

Grande Epoque, a spicy floral bouquet perfume, was Renoir's rich, suave distillation of musk, flowers and rare fruit bases including, surprisingly, fig. It was still being sold in 1957 under Renoir name.

  • Top notes: fruity note, fig
  • Middle notes: carnation, floral note
  • Base notes: musk, spices

Messager was an aldehydic light floral perfume, with a warm, velvety, sweet facet, and a dominant jasmine note. It was still being sold in 1959 under Renoir name.

  • Top notes: aldehydes
  • Middle notes: jasmine
  • Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, amber

Gambade was a youthful blend of jasmine, rose, lilac, hyacinth and honeysuckle. This was still being sold in 1964 under Renoir name.

  • Top notes: hyacinth, citrus
  • Middle notes: honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, lilac
  • Base notes:

Futur was launched in 1939, this was classified as a sparkling oriental or semi-oriental perfume with a dominant base of spices and myrrh, was still being sold in 1964 under Renoir name. It was taken over by Robert Piguet in 1967.

  • Top notes: bergamot, neroli, green note
  • Middle notes: violet, jasmine, ylang ylang
  • Base notes: spices, amber, sandalwood, musk, myrrh, vetiver, patchouli, cedar

Chi Chi, pronounced "She She," described as a "piquant", ,"pungent" "daytime spice", was still being sold in 1958.

My Alibi was also still being sold in 1958 and was described as "sultry" and a "pungent amber odor" and was most likely classified as an oriental fragrance for women.

  • Top notes:
  • Middle notes:
  • Base notes: amber


Raucour's perfumes were sold in clear glass bottles decorated with gilded banding as were the majority of Renoir's.

The perfume Calypso was available in four sizes and retailed for $15, $25, $47.50 and $60 in 1947. A dram size was also available for $2.75

Grand Epoque was available in two sizes and retailed for $15 and $25 in 1947. The dram size was $2.75.

The perfumes of Raucour:
  • 1946 Grande Epoque
  • 1946 Lavande
  • 1946 Calypso
  • 1946 Messager
  • 1946 Cattleya
  • 1946 Futur

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