Friday, July 18, 2014

Nice-Flore Perfumes

Nice-Flore, established in 1919 at 54 route du Var, Nice, France, by Union Francaise de Parfumerie et de Maroquinerie, they sold leather goods and perfume. They also traded under the name Nice-Flora.

Perfume bottles designed by Julien Viard and made by Depinoix for Nice-Flore:

  • Divine Chanson
  • Tout l'Azur
  • Brin de Reve
  • Poignee de Lilas
  • Narcisse Joli
  • Violettes de Nice

Parfum de Lilas' bottle  was made by Baccarat.  Le Jardin de Fete  was a  floral fragrance. and was presented in a bottle designed by André Jolivet and made by Verrières Viard.

The perfumes of Nice-Flore:

  • 1919 Brin de Reve
  • 1919 Flacon R
  • 1919 Violettes de Nice, this is the re-branded Flacon R perfume.
  • 1919 Chypre
  • 1920 Le Jardin en Fête
  • 1920 La Cœur de Mimi
  • 1923 Divine Chanson
  • 1923 Tout l'Azur
  • 1923 Coquetterrie
  • 1924 Jasmin
  • 1925 Ambre
  • 1925 Toute le France
  • 1926 Narcisse Joli
  • Poignée de Lilas
  • Parfum de Lilas
  • Inconnu

Violettes de Nice perfume bottle by Julien Viard and Depinoix. 

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