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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dorothy Gray Perfumes

In this guide I have listed the various perfumes presented by Dorothy Gray of Bloomfield, NJ from 1922-1971.

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The perfumes of Dorothy Gray:
  • 1922 Beautiful Lady
  • 1922 Doritina
  • 1922 Bouquet Yvette
  • 1929 Larmes (floral bouquet perfume)
  • 1929 Sourires (oriental perfume)
  • 1930 Guestbook (perfume presentation)
  • 1935 Night Drums (a woody-mossy-leafy perfume)
  • 1936 Elation (aldehydes, jasmine)
  • 1937 Frenchman's Creek
  • 1938 Flutter (pungent floral perfume)
  • 1938 Nosegay (a floral perfume)
  • 1938 Hot Weather Cologne - Sweet Suggestion (a spicy lemon and lilac perfume)
  • 1938 Hot Weather Cologne - Natural
  • 1938 Hot Weather Cologne - Jasmine Bouquet
  • 1938 Hot Weather Cologne - Rose Geranium Bouquet
  • 1938 Hot Weather Cologne - Sweet Spice
  • 1938 Hot Weather Cologne - June Bouquet.
  • 1940 Portrait
  • 1941 Bleeding Heart
  • 1941 Brass Band
  • 1941 Magnum
  • 1941 Margaret Rose
  • 1941 York Rose
  • 1941 Lady in the Dark (heady perfume for furs)
  • 1942 Golden Orchid (a floral oriental perfume)
  • 1945 White Lilac
  • 1945 Hot Weather Cologne - White Lilac
  • 1946 Magic Hour (crisp, dry, musky)
  • 1947 In the Pink ( a spicy rose and carnation perfume)
  • 1947 Savoir Faire (a floral perfume)
  • 1947 Daredevil (an oriental perfume)
  • 1948 Indigo
  • 1948 Spindrift
  • 1948 Suggestion
  • 1948 Siren
  • 1948 On The Avenue
  • 1948 Love Song
  • 1952 Mimosa
  • 1953 Wedgewood (a spicy floral perfume)
  • 1954 Figurine (jasmine and lily floral perfume)
  • 1957 Aureate
  • 1960 Secret of The Sea
  • 1961 Tantalize (warm, woodsy, floral)
  • 1963 Midnight
  • 1965 Ming Dynasty
  • 1969 Midnight
  • 1969 Mon Secret (bergamot)
  • 1971 Dee Gee
  • Broadway Baby
  • Budding Beauty
  • Fuschia
  • Special Appointment
  • Red Letter

The perfume Figurine was a bouquet of jasmine and lily and came in cologne, cream sachet, hand lotion, dusting powder, sachet talc and cream deodorant.

Drug and Cosmetic Catalog, 1941:
"Dorothy Gray's Lady in the Dark perfume, created especially for furs, has a fur pompom atop a box covered with material which feels like luxurious velvet."


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