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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Parfums Jean d’Albret

The beautiful and romantic Princesse Jeanne d'Albret was the mother of dashing and handsome Henry of Navarre, King Henry IV of France.  She was the inspiration for the name of the Paris perfume house of Jean d'Albret, founded by Comte Guillaume d'Ornano, the creator of Orlane Beauty Preparations in 1946.

Also in 1946, Jean d'Albret released his first fragrance, Ecusson, an aldehydic floral perfume. The name which means "crest" or "coat of arms" proved to be the brands most successful fragrance over the years.

Later he released an eau de cologne simply named Classic, as well as Lavande, an eau de cologne scented with lavender flowers.  The youthful Casaque, named after a woman's short silk jacket, brought even more success to the house, with its blend of flowers and chypre notes.

The romantic floral Princesse d'Albret perfume, named after his mother, propelled the house into infamy with a unique wild strawberry top note.

A men's fragrance, Messire, which was notable for its coriander and rosewood notes was next on the scene and delighted the hearts of men well into the 1970s.

MW, (Modern Woman), an early 1970s fragrance for women with a light fusion of citrus, woods and spices, aimed at the young career orientated women who were tired of the overly floral fragrances that dominated the previous decades.

The fragrances of Jean D'Albret:
  • 1946 Écusson
  • 1948 Lavande
  • 1948 Classic Eau de Cologne
  • 1956 Casaque
  • 1960 Princesse d’Albret
  • 1961 Messire (renamed Messire de Orlane in 1980 and relaunched,  disc. then relaunched in 1996)
  • 1972 MW de Jean d'Albret (renamed MW de Messire/MW de Orlane, disc.)

In 1973, Jean d'Albret introduced Bodylove, a floral scented bath and body collection. It's scent was a blend of lily of the valley, mimosa, jasmine, carnation and hyacinth.

Mademoiselle, 1973
"THE SCENT SCENE If the name Bodylove touches off a sybaritic fantasy inside your head, imagine what happens when you powder /splash /bathe /smooth and lavish with the real thing. What happens, among other niceties, is that you come up smelling like roses— and hyacinths, carnations, jasmine, mimosa, and lilies of the valley. Because that's what's inside every last luscious item in the line— from the tingly Body Cologne, top, to the Body Buff powder and deep blue Body Bracelet Soap, below, and in between there's body lotion, milk bath, crackling moisturizing foam and bath oil. All brought to you by Jean D'Albret."

By 1977, Jean d'Albret stopped producing perfumes and the brand was acquired by Orlane which continued to co-brand with the Jean d'Albret name in newspaper advertisements for the fragrances. Orlane released Messire, Ecusson and Casaque under their own brand in the 1980s.

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