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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chenier Perfumes, Inc.

Viviny Perfumers Inc. of West Haven, Connecticut, doing business as "André Chenier", the name of the famous late French poet, had launched a line of toilet preparations including perfumes and cosmetics in the 1920s.  Some of the products were: face powder, talcum powders, face creams, bath salts, lipsticks and rouges.

The company also supplied the B. Altman department stores with specially commissioned perfumes.
A line of single flower perfumes simply name "Andre Chenier Fleurs" was launched in 1931, these might have been the perfumes for B. Altman.

Carroll Cut Rate Perfumer, a New York concern, also sold the Andre Chenier creations.

Viviny Perfumers also did business under the various brand names of: Valencia, Maurice (Philip Maurice), Jean La Salle and Betty-Faye, all produced cosmetics. The trade-mark is the name of Jean La Salle, was named after a historic French priest and founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, who was born at Reims, France. Betty Faye Co., doing business as Dr. Higgins Laboratories, New Haven, Conn. Filed Feb. 7, 1929. "JEAN LA SALLE"  Registered July 9, 1929. Betty Faye Co., New Haven, Conn. Renewed July 9, 1949, to The Viviny-Associated Company, West Haven, Conn., a corporation of Connecticut.

Andre Chenier was also affiliated to Marques de Elorza, Parfumerie Brecher, and Parfums de Paul and associated with Boue Sœurs. You will see the same perfume names used by several of these companies.

The perfumes of André Chenier :
  • 1925 Myrys
  • 1925 Ondés d’Amour
  • 1926 Chenier No. 5
  • 1926 Sweet Pea
  • 1926 Jasmin
  • 1926 Narcisse
  • 1926 Gardenia
  • 1926 Lilas/Lilac
  • 1928 Jipsee Fleurs
  • 1929 Honeysuckle Blossom
  • 1929 Valencia
  • 1929 Bouquet de Souvenirs
  • 1930 Chenier 16
  • 1930 Marché Nuptiale
  • 1930 Corsage du Temps
  • 1932 Printemps de Paris (skincare line)
  • 1932 White Rose
  • 1932 Lily of the Valley
  • 1934 Incarnate
  • 1934 Night in Orient

The perfumes created exclusively for B. Altman stores:
  • 1930 Apple Blossom
  • 1931 Lysystra 
  • 1931 Spring Madness 
  • 1931 Chenier 
  • 1931 Jasmin 
  • 1931 Gardenia
  • 1931 Lavender
  • 1931 Chypre 
  • 1931 Rose 
  • 1931 Sweet Pea 
  • 1931 Lilac 
  • 1947 Andalusia

Viviny Perfumers 
  • 1930 Valencia d'Amour
  • 1931 Paul de Bois
  • 1932 J.V.G.
  • 1934 Viennese Nights
Jean La Salle:
  • 1947 Carioca
  • 1947 Hayloft
Betty Faye:

  • 1947 Mon Paris
  • 1947 Lilac
  • 1947 Heatherfield
  • 1947 Toujours L'Amour

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