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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fiamma by Princess Marcella Borghese c1965

Fiamma by Princess Marcella Borghese: launched in 1965. The name means "flame" in Italian.

Town & Country, Volume 119, 1965:
"Princess Marcella Borghese quietly introduced a fragrance a few months ago that we find in tune with this quartet. ... This last personality trait must have influenced the name Fiamma. which, translated from Italian. means “flame.” 

Fiamma was available in the following products:

  • Parfum (Profumo)
  • Perfume Oil
  • Eau de Parfum Spray
  • Natural Spray Cologne (Acqua di Profumo)
  • Cologne Splash
  • Solid Perfume Compact
  • Dusting Powder
  • Milk Bath

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a floral oriental fragrance for women with a warm blend of exotic flowers, sweet woods, spices and other oriental essences.
  • Top notes: bergamot and galbanum
  • Middle notes: spices, carnation and other floral notes
  • Base notes: benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar,  musk, vetiver

Town & Country - Volume 119, 1965:
"And among the reams of reasons for the lack of entrants in the volatile race to be a woman's favored fragrance is that an average of ten years is necessary to develop and refine ... Princess Marcella Borghese quietly introduced a fragrance a few months ago that we find in tune with this quartet. Upon character analysis there emerge woody notes, floral tones, and a strong accent of warm spices. This last personality trait must have influenced the name Fiamma. which, translated from Italian. means “flame.” A spraying of this aqua di profumo is not likely to put out fires—rather fan them."

Vogue, 1966:
"Fiamma by Princess Marcella Borghese means flame, blaze: an inflammatory substance that reached these shores in the shape of Profumo (perfume) an Acqua di Profumo ( cologne) last spring."

Harper's Bazaar, Volume 100, 1967:
"Carrara marble inspired the elegantly contemporary new packages for Princess Marcella Borghese Perfumes — a natural choice to project the pure Romanesque enchantment of these fascinating fragrances. Inside the lightly veined marbleized packages, graceful clean-cut bottles  hold two beloved perfumes: Ecco for the eternal woman,  a blend of herbs with notes of jasmine and rose: and Fiamma, a fiery brilliancy that is indefinably feminine and sophisticated. In either scent. Princess Marcella Borghese Perfume Oil. 1 oz, $6.75; Acqua di Profumo, 2 oz, $6.50. At Bonwit Teller."

House & Garden - Volume 133, 1968:
"Floral Fiamma- scented candle pretty enough to put on a dressing table in white sculptured ceramic holder. By Princess Marcella Borghese for Revlon, $10."

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office: Patents, Volume 901, 1972:
"The Princess Marcella Borghese, Inc., New York, N.Y. Filed Mar. 26, 1969. FIAMMA. Fiamma is a single word mark and means flame; blaze, tire ; (naut.) pennant; (mil.) facings (on the collar); (fig.) lover, mistress. For Perfume, Perfume Oil, Toilet Water, Bath Oil, Dusting Powder."

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown.

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