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Friday, August 19, 2016

Breidenbach et Cie., Ltd

Breidenbach et Cie., Ltd was established by Aaron Page at Park Street, Grosvenor Square, London in 1793. Aaron Page was listed as a hairdresser, perfumer and distiller of eau de cologne.

Later the business was passed onto his son William, then onto his son-in-law Francis Henry Breidenbach on his marriage to his daughter Emily.

Francis Henry Breidenbach had been born in Cologne, did his training in Paris, subsequently was bestowed a Royal Warrant in 1841. He later moved to New Bond Street in 1852 and to then onto Burlington Arcade in 1900.

The Spectator, 1859:
"BREIDENBACH Distiller by to the Queen 157  New Bond Street. The following will vouch for the superior perfumes distilled by H. Breidenbach. Mr. Breidenbach has become a perfect artiste en parfumes, he touches the rose with the scent of the lily, and adds a perfume to the violet, until at last he finds himself in such a flowery maze, that it becomes absolutely necessary to create names for his refined aromas. Amongst a perfect galaxy of refreshing scents all bearing names of some notability of political military or even literary culture we can recommend from our own preference the Malakoff bouquet the Palmerston or the Panmure all deliciously fragrant yet differing essentially from one another."

Pharmaceutical Journal, 1908:
"Regent" for perfumery including toilet articles preparations for the teeth and hair and perfumed soap Reginald Blackwell Breidenbach, trading as Breidenbach and Co. 48 Greek Street, Soho Square, London W, manufacturing perfumer."

In 1916 family name was changed to Bryden, as due to the first World War, a German sounding name was not advantageous at that time. The business was eventually sold to Eugene Rimmel Ltd in 1930. (http://www.landdbryden.co.uk/breidenbach/index.htm)

The perfumes of Breidenbach:
  • 1852 The Royal Hunt Bouquet
  • 1853 Empress Eugenie’s Nosegay
  • 1853 Eau de Cologne
  • 1853 Sandal Wood
  • 1853 Japanese Perfume
  • 1853 English Wallflowers
  • 1853 White Rose
  • 1853 Clove Pink
  • 1853 Flowers of Erin
  • 1853 Sweet Briar
  • 1853 Bouquet of the Prado
  • 1853 Wood Violet (Violette du Bois)
  • 1856 Forget Me Not
  • 1859 Bouquet Palmerston
  • 1859 Panmure
  • 1859 Malakoff Bouquet
  • 1861 Zouave Bouquet
  • 1866 Queen's Own
  • 1866 Prince of Wales
  • 1866 Princess of Wales
  • 1866 South Sea Myrtle
  • 1866 Royal Osborne
  • 1866 Curious Essence
  • 1866 Number One 
  • 1866 L'Africaine
  • 1866 Westeria
  • 1866 Fraxinella
  • 1866 Mathiola
  • 1870 Opoponax
  • 1871 Lord of Lorne Bouquet
  • 1871 Rose
  • 1871 Heliotrope
  • 1871 Bride of the Highlands Bouquet
  • 1871 Musk
  • 1871 Frangipanni
  • 1871 Quest 
  • 1876 Talipat Blossoms from Ceylon
  • 1876 Ess Bouquet
  • 1876 Ipomoea
  • 1876 Jasmin
  • 1876 Jockey Club
  • 1876 Stephanotis
  • 1876 New Mown Hay
  • 1876 Spring Blossoms
  • 1876 White Moss Rose
  • 1876 Opoponax
  • 1876 Polo Club
  • 1876 Chypre
  • 1878 Abronia
  • 1878 Olde English Lavender Water
  • 1880 Acme Bouquet
  • 1880 Phlomis
  • 1882 Albany Bouquet
  • 1883 Essence of Lloydia
  • 1883 Neapolitan Violet
  • 1884 Soudan Bouquet
  • 1887 Hungary Water
  • 1887 Florida Water
  • 1887 Triple Essence of Ixia
  • 1890 Triple Extract Lily of the Valley
  • 1890 Triple Extract Wallflower
  • 1890 Triple Extract White Rose
  • 1890 Aux Fleurs Night Scented Stock
  • 1890 Xylopia
  • 1894 Ba-Tush-Ka
  • 1894 Double Extract of White Rose
  • 1898 Bay Rum
  • 1899 Mei-Butsu
  • 1900 Violette de Parme – Triple Extract
  • 1901 Coronation Lily
  • 1907 Marquise
  • 1908 San Toy
  • 1910 The Geisha Bouquet
  • Heather
  • Extrait Bouquet d’Albert
  • Extrait Bouquet Reine Victoria
  • GR. IV Lavender
  • Grand Duchess 
  • Lavender
  • Lavender Royale
  • Princess Myra
  • Violette de Parme
  • Wild Apple Blossoms
  • Rosuria

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