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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Collecting Green Glass Commercial Perfume Bottles

In this guide I will discuss the various green glass commercial perfume bottles and some of the rarest commercial perfume bottle colors of all---the opaque glass pieces. This is not a complete list as there are probably hundreds of others to be found, if you have one not listed and would like to share a photo, please let me know and I will include it here.

Some green glass bottles I have not included are Solon Palmer, Crown Perfumery Smelling Salts and Mouson Lavendel. These are fairly common. My main goal here is to show some of the rare and hard to find bottles.

Most of the opaque glass perfume bottles that you will encounter was manufactured by the French company, Cristalleries de Nancy between 1924-1934 and came in various colors such as red, green, black, purple and both turquoise blue and yellow ochre being the rarest. These bottles were produced for the following perfume companies: d'Alamode, Bischoff, du Bois, Bourbon, Burdin, de Burmann, Chenier, Drialys, Marie Magdeleine, Miga, Offenthal, Renaud, Serey and plenty of others. You will see a variety of sizes ranging from 6 1/8" tall down to 2 1/8" tall. I have also seen these perfume bottles called slag glass.

"Giardini," a perfume bottle for Babani, circa 1920, in green glass with gilded and enameled detail. Ht. 4 3/8 in (11 cm)

1920s L. Chalon, Roger and Gallet Bouquet Nouveau perfume bottle and stopper, pale green glass, Ar t Nouveau gilt metal holder with labeling and Chalon signature. 4 1/4 in.

1923 R. Lalique, Roger & Gallet Le Jade perfume bottle and stopper, opal green glass, molded label, cord seal. Molded Lalique. 3 1/4 in.

Charme Caressant by Dalon c1924. A milky green bottle covered in a faux shagreen pattern was made by Andre Jollivet in two sizes for the parfum extract for Charme Caressant by Dalon. The toilet water bottle is made up of clear glass, it was not made by Jollivet.

Sweet Pea Ambree by Renaud c1920s. The opaque slag glass bottles were manufactured by Cristalleries de Nancy during 1924-1934 and came in various shapes, this quick overview will discuss the rectangular bottle with rounded corners. Note: this bottle was also made in clear glass with a frosted stopper. These bottles came in the following colors: red, coral orange, green, and black. The rarest of colors are yellow ochre, purple, white & turquoise. The bottle can also be found entirely covered in gold enamel. Oftentimes the bottles were color coded to the perfumes they contained: yellow for L'Acacia, green for Sweet Pea, purple for Orchid, white or green for Gardenia, red for Notchenka, gilded or red for Ghedma, red for Gerain, yellow for Cour de Russie.

An unusual toilet water bottle also made by Cristalleries de Nancy was made in the opaque slag glass and stands 4 1/4" tall. The base is marked "Made in France".

"Chin-Li," a DEPINOIX perfume bottle for Gabilla, circa 1924, in green glass with paper label, and silk box with printed underside. Ht. 2 5/8 in (6 cm)

Baccarat 1925 Ybry Femme de Paris perfume bottle in green cased crystal, with enameled metal cover, with stopper, label, in box with Lalique glass pendant and tassel. 4 1/4 in.

Gui C'est Paris by Duvelle: launched in 1925. This beautiful opaque glass bottle held toilet water and has a green glass stopper. Bottle stands 7.25" tall. There are no markings on the bottle.

Espoir by Miga, launched in 1925, this ovoid bottle is in the shape of an ancient Chinese snuff bottle and is made up of green and white marbled opaque glass imitating jade. The bottle is molded with Chinese symbols and has a black glass button stopper. The bottle stands 2.6" tall. The base is molded with "Paris France".

The perfume Lune de Miel was presented in a flacon designed and made by C. Depinoix & Fils. This bottle was also used by Benoit for their perfume Lune de Miel. The perfume bottle came in both black and greenish blue crystal, each is trimmed with silver enamel.

Extracto Mariposa, nice opaque jade green glass bottle with translucent green glass ball stopper. Bottle most likely made by Cristalleries de Nancy. Base of bottle is marked France. The bottle stands 4.25" tall.

"Le Debut Vert," a perfume bottle for Richard Hudnut, circa 1927, in opaque green glass with gilt stopper, side and bottom labels. Ht. 2 5/8 in (6.5 cm)

1929 A. Jollivet, Cherigan Chance, perfume bottle and stopper, opaque green glass, silver finished stopper and applied glass horseshoe, molded label, box. 3 1/8 in.

WORTH Three "Sans Adieu" perfume and lotion bottles in emerald green glass, France, ca. 1929; M p 952, no. 11; Molded R. LALIQUE; Largest: 5 3/4" x 4 1/4"

1920s Rafin Caprice de Femme perfume bottle and stopper, cased green glass, gilt decoration and label. 3 3/4 in.

1920s Depinoix, Marquis Fleurs de Grande Mere perfume bottle, cased green glass, black facet stopper, label. 4 1/4 in.

1927 A. Jollivet, Pleville Plaisir d’Orient perfume bottle, opaque green glass (dragon molded on reverse), gilt glass stopper, label, drawer-slide box (missing tassel). Molded Jollivet mark. 3 1/4 in.

1928 Baccarat, Myon Coeur de Femme perfume bottle, green cased crystal, glass stopper, brass cover and hanging label, green enamel. Baccarat mark. Box with matching enamel label. 3 1/2 in.

Natalie Thurston Wrinkle Oil bottle made up of green malachite glass, with matching green glass stopper. This bottle dates to the 1930s and is unmarked as to manufacturer. Bottle stands 3.5" tall.

La Nuit de Samedi by Serey, c1932. Size is approx 6"H x 1 1/2"W. Bottle by Cristalleries de Nancy.

1932 Le Clairac For Ever perfume bottle and cover, green glass, black glass stopper, black enamel detail and labeling. Exclusively for El Encanto shop, Cuba. 2 5/8 in.

1933 Ballarde three floral scents, perfume bottles and stoppers, blue-green glass, two labels, box. 3 in.

Gardenia by Charbert, very rare presentation from 1935 with perfume bottle covered in mirrors back by green foil, the stopper also features a mirror, and a large faceted glass faux emerald. The bottle is housed inside of a green velvet covered box fitted with a silken tassel and a stepped base.

Lionceau applied for the patent for their opaque glass bottles in 1927, the bottles can be found in different opaque colors for different scents. An advertisement of the era shown above states that this bottle was designed by Lalique, however, the bottles were actually manufactured by H. Saumont and not by Lalique. Bottles are marked "Made in France" on base. The bottles were made in several sizes from 5 7/8 "tall, 4" tall, 3 1/8 "tall and 2 1/2" tall.

Curiously, a company called Erce had used the jade green bottle for their perfume Ever Green. These bottles are marked "Lionceau Paris France" on the base. It appears that Erce purchased the remaining bottles and boxes after Lionceau went out of business in 1935. 

1936 Deltah Ecstasy perfume bottle, opaque green glass, black glass stopper, labels, faux pearl necklace, box made as two books: "Romance of Pearls" for the necklace; "Romance of Perfume" for the bottle. 3 3/8 in.

Vent Fou by Carrere, launched in 1947, this beautiful jade green opaline pineapple shaped glass bottle features an ovoid hobnail design and a clambroth foot and umbrella like stopper. If it did not have it's cloth label, one might mistake it for a Victorian era Bohemian glass bottle.  The bottle stands 4.5" tall.

1953 Schiaparelli Succes Fou figural perfume bottle and screw cap stopper, white opaline glass, green and gold enamel detail and labeling, silk lined box. 2 7/8 in.

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