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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Collecting Blue Glass Commercial Perfume Bottles

In this guide, I will introduce you to the wonderful world of commercial perfume bottles made up of blue glass.

These elegant beauties were produced mainly during the 1920s-1950s and most have Art Deco influences. I know I don't have every one listed, if I missed one, let me know! Current values given below are for average book values and auction estimates. Why not start a collection focusing on just the blue glass bottles?

Rose Rouge by Catany: launched in the 1920s, opaque turquoise blue glass bottle, upright rectangular shape with thin profile, translucent blue glass stopper, button shape. Round gold label "ROSE ROUGE CATANY PARIS".Molded "FRANCE" on bottom. Produced by Cristalleries de Nancy.. Height 4.1 ins. / 10.4 cm.

Au Coeur des Calices by Coty: launched in 1913, pale blue glass bottle molded with design of flower petals and has a bee shaped stopper. Bottle by Rene Lalique.

Sol de Triana by Myrurgia: cobalt blue glass perfume bottle and molded floral stopper, ornate gold foil labels.  3 3/4".

Prince Matchabelli crown shaped perfume bottle and stopper in opaque blue glass with gilt detail. Marked Germany. 4". Used for various Matchabelli perfumes.

Nuit d'Amour by Godet: launched in 1925, transparent cobalt blue glass bottle with silver enamel. base acid etched France.

Dans la Nuit by Worth:launched in 1920, round disk shaped bottle with disk stopper molded with crescent moon and perfume name or with stars, by Lalique. Other variations of this bottle exist.

Jicky by Guerlain: launched in 1936 , cobalt blue glass "lanterne" bottle with clear glass stopper. Bottle was inspired by the arc lights of Paris. This bottle was also used for other Guerlain scents. In the photo below, the label is applied incorrectly, it should be on the base of the bottle.

Lucretia Vanderbilt by Lucretia Vanderbilt: launched in 1925, cobalt blue cased glass bottle, blue dauber-stopper, metal base and neck chain with silver butterfly logo. Same bottle was used for Blue Sky by Mori, also in the 1920s. 1925 Lucretia Vanderbilt Lucretia Vanderbilt cased blue glass perfume bottle

Lune de Miel by Benoit: launched in 1926, rare opaque turquoise blue glass bottle with crescent moon face and stars in silver finish,bottle by Depinoix.

Leda by Raffy: launched in 1925, cobalt blue glass bottle, nearly identical to the one for Lucretia Vanderbilt and Mori's Blue Sky perfume, but has a blue and silver foil paper label in the center reading "Raffy".

Blue Waltz by Joubert: launched in 1929, cobalt blue glass bottle with silver labels.

Parfum Pour Blondes by Lionceau: launched in 1927, opaque turquoise blue glass bottle with molded floral decoration. Botte made by H. Saumont.

Lilac by Prince Alexis N. Gagarin: launched in the 1920s, cobalt blue glass bottle, bottle has gilt enameled design of a crown and coat of arms, the stopper molded as the Russian Imperial double eagle and enameled in gold. This bottle was used for other Gagarin perfumes. Stands 3 3/4" tall.

Chance by Cherigan: launched in 1929, in opaque pearlescent blue glass bottle, with applied glass horseshoe and black glass stopper in silver gilt. Ht. 3 1/4 in (8 cm)

Je Reviens by Worth: launched in 1931, light cobalt blue glass bottle, cylindrical shape, fluted sides, by Lalique. Various sizes.

Canarina by Canarina: launched in 1928. Rene Lalique, Les Deux Bleus perfume bottle and dauber-stopper, blue glass, molded label and “eye” motif, molded Lalique mark. 2".

Blue Sky by Mori: launched in the 1920s, cobalt blue perfume bottle with the original “peacock tail” blue glass stopper that has a nice extended dauber. Base marked “France” and an obscure mark beneath. A factory “Parfum Francais” sticker is on one side and a “Blue Sky Parfum by Mori” paper label is on the other side. Stands 4 1/4" tall.

Evening in Paris by Bourjois: launched in 1926, cobalt blue glass bottles in various shapes and sizes.

Worth perfume atomizer, blue glass with star pattern. Signed Lalique. H. 5 inches. This might be fake.

Chu Chin Chow by Bryenne: launched in 1921, perfume bottle and inner stopper, cobalt blue glass, milk glass cover, gilt and enameled detail, labeling and signed G.K. Benda on bottom. 2 1/2" tall.

Springtime in Paris by Bourjois: launched in 1931, turquoise blue glass bottle, similar to the Evening in Paris bottles.

La Danse des Fleurs by Delettrez: launched in the early 1930s,  perfume bottle and stopper, cobalt blue glass, gilt details, snakeskin pattern box. 3 3/4" tall.

Heure Exquise by Breyenne: launched in 1924, blue glass bottle with gilt detail and labeled on base, in blue and gilt box with blue velvet cushion interior, 2 1/2" h x 3 1/2" w x 7/8" d.

Peking Moonlight by Oriental: launched in the 1920s, opaque turquoise blue glass.

Miracle by Lentheric: presented in a controlled bubble glass bottle, made in Czechoslovakia in 1935. This bottle can be found in different colors for different perfumes by Lentheric, rose for Lotus D'Or, green for Le Pirate, clear for Asphodele, and Numero Douze in amber. Bottle stands 4"  tall.

Argentina by Marques de Elorza: launched in 1929, cobalt blue glass bottle,  silver gilt detail. 4 1/8".

Jasmin by Divine: launched in 1930, cobalt blue glass bottle, black bakelite screw cap.

Coque d'Or by Guerlain: launched in 1938, cobalt blue bowtie shaped bottle by Baccarat, came in three sizes. Bottle was also gilded, and used for the perfumes Kriss and Dawamesk.

Nuit Etoilee de Bagdad by Diamant Bleu: launched in 1927, cobalt blue glass bottle by Societe Parisienne de Verreries (SPV), Julien Viard design.

Le Debut Bleu by Richard Hudnut: launched in 1927, opaque blue octagonal bottle with black stopper. Do not confuse this bottle with the 1980s bottle of similar design for Lou Lou by Cacharel.

Aveu D'Amour by Augusta Bernard: launched in the 1920s-1930s, cobalt glass bottle with clear frosted stopper.

Wild Jasmine by The House of Fragrance, Bermuda: launched in 1930, opaque turquoise blue glass bottle with transparent blue glass stopper. Bottle by Cristal Nancy.

Cocktail Hour by The Perfume Garret, Chicago: launched in 1940. Cobalt blue bottle molded with six sides with molded curlicues, arched shoulders, cobalt blue glass button stopper. Gold foil label. Bottle stands 3" tall.

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