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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Evelyn Brent's Perfume Collection

Actress Evelyn Brent was known for her love of perfume bottles, although she stated she didn't wear perfume. During two 1930s interviews, she claimed to have 147 bottles, another claimed 500! The star's boudoir featured a special three tiered glass cabinet in which she displayed her flacons. Also displayed amongst her bottles are the fragile glass animals by the Bimini glassblowers. You can see these at the corner closest to her face, a white swan stands up regally amongst the other fauna.

I have been able to identify many of the bottles shown in the photos, although there are some I just can't see too well to determine what they are. Most are commercial bottles, many by Baccarat, a few by Lalique. Others are Czech. The bottles shown in the photos are:

Top shelf:

  • L'Ocean Bleu by Lubin: launched in 1925, clear glass bottle in the form of two dolphins, round ball stopper, designed by Georges Chevalier and made by Baccarat. 
  • Queen of the Nile by Prince Matchabelli: was launched in 1928, amber glass, pyramid shaped bottle, molded with Matchabelli crest on front of bottle.
  • Xantho by Gabilla: created in 1911, bottle by Baccarat.
  • Liu by Guerlain:  launched in 1929,  black glass bottle w/ gilt label on front, matching box. Bottle was made by Baccarat.
  • Golliwogg by Vigny: launched in 1919, round glass bottle with black glass stopper molded with wide open eyes and a large smiling mouth, topped with seal fur for hair.
  • Kai Sang by Corday: launched in 1924, deluxe black glass w/ enameled decoration on bottle,  stopper in red, white and gold, designed by Maurice Depinoix and made by C Depinoix et Fils.
  • La Jacee by Coty: created in 1925, squatty square clear crystal flacon with floral molded glass cover, made by Coty's own glassworks.
  • Chanel No. 5 by Chanelcreated in 1921, square clear glass bottle.
  • Tabac Blond by Caron: created in 1919, square clear glass bottle, with a flat glass stopper.
  • Maharadjah by Rosine: created in 1922/1926, perfume bottle of clear and black glass with label, on green glass stand.
  • Pois de Senteur de Chez Moi by Caron: created in 1927, bottle by Baccarat.
  • A Lucien Lelong bottle, unknown scent, it has an atomizer.
  • Aladin by Rosine: introduced in 1919, perfume bottle in clear/frost glass, with metal chain handle, sepia patina, labels front and back,  glass stopper capped with faux ivory.
  • Parfum D'Argeville by Houbigant: created in 1913, 12-sided, Apothecary Style baccarat crystal flacon decorated with a gilded pastoral scene.
  • 1925 by Rosine:
  • Le Jade by Roger et Gallet:
  • "Aztec" Czech non-commercial flacon by Henrich Hoffmann. Bottle came in various colors and bases.

Middle shelf: 

  • Magda by Lubinlaunched in 1921, clear glass bottle has woman's head for stopper in frosted glass. Bottle by Julien Viard.
  • Secret de la Perle by Pleville: created in 1926, perfume bottle and stopper in gold pearl finish, black glass cover in grey pearl finish, metal base. Pearl finish by Andre Jollivet.
  • Chin Li by Gabilla: launched in 1925, squatty round, disk shaped bottle, made by Depinoix in various colors.
  • Two bottles for Boue Soeurs perfumes, unknown names.
  • Several early Lanvin bottles.
  • A Guerlain bottle
  • Seven triangular bottles for Rosine perfumes with gilded demi-lune stoppers.
  • Suivez Moi by Tre-Jurlaunched in 1925, clear and frosted bottle with lady wearing large hat as stopper,crinoline skirt is decorated with abstract symbols. Base acid-etched "House of Tre-Jur." In several sizes, largest stands 3.2" tall.
  • Parfum des Champs Elysees by Guerlain introduced 1914, turtle shaped flacon in clear faceted crystal by Baccarat.
  • Deja Le Printemps by Oriza L. Legrand: introduced in 1922, deluxe crystal flacon with gilt metal butterfly stopper cover, by Baccarat.
  • Orchidee Bleue by Corday: created in 1925, squatty clear crystal bottle by Baccarat.
  • Hahna L'Étrange Fleur by Rosine: launched in 1919, gold finished square bottle, with rounded shoulder, flat square red enameled stopper.
  • La Belle Saison by Houbigant: introduced in 1924, molded with a portrait of a woman's face surrounded by radiating flowers, by Lalique.
  • Le Gui by Duvelle

Bottom shelf: 

  • Les Bourgeons by Ybry: created in 1928, housed in a clear glass perfume bottle on pedestal. 
  • Three Ybry bottle for Eau de Toilettes. Baccarat produced the classic Ybry perfume bottle, a flattened square in colored crystal. These beautiful bottles were made by overlaying colored crystal on white crystal to create an opaque and unique luminescent quality. Most of the time, the bottles had matching enameled and gilded metal covers. These covers were placed over the inner stoppers at an angle on one corner of the bottle.
  • Also an Ybry pump style atomizer in the colored Baccarat crystal (in front)
  • Odeur Charvai by Tre-Jur: launched in 1926, black glass half moon shaped bottle w/ a gilded square shaped metal over cap, small glass inner stopper.
  • L'Heure Bleue or Mitsouko by Guerlain: clear glass Bouchon Coeur flacon.
  • Apres L'Ondee by Guerlain: clear glass Louis XVI bottle.
  • Mystere by D'Orsaylaunched in 1915, black glass square shaped bottle, the stopper is molded w/ lizards.Bottle marked R Lalique. 
  • Borgia by Rosine: The bottle, designed by Georges Dumoulin, symbolizes a vial of poison, the bottle is made up of black opaque glass with gold powder inclusions, topped with a gilded black glass shell shaped stopper. 
  • Blanchette by Corday: created in 1924, by Blanche Avroy of Jovoy and Corday perfume companies, the perfume was first sold under the Jovoy name, but was later used by Corday.The bottle is porcelain and in the shape of a seated woman. The porcelain figure is lifted up when one wishes to uncork the flacon. 
  • La Coupe d'Or by Rosine: launched in 1911, clear glass, rectangular shaped column adorned with a satin glass stopper covered in a gilded metal top, simulating a glass bowl overflowing with fruit. 
  • DeVilbiss atomizer behind Odeur Charvai bottle.
  • Ybry Purse Atomizer
Here are some pictures of the various bottles, culled from the internet:

As you have noticed, some of the pictures shown in this article were culled from Perfume Bottles Auction. This annual auction features some of the most exquisite perfume bottles from around the world. It is a collector's dream come true. Many rare and obscure perfume bottles can be found each year at their auction. http://www.perfumebottlesauction.com/


  1. Love this site, which I just discovered. Have been a lover of fragrance for years, as well as classic film and film stars. Would love to share this Evelyn Brent piece on my FB Page, Film, fashion & frivolity, but only with your permission. Thank you. Inge

    1. Hi Inge, I would be honored, please feel free to share the link! Thank you :)


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