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Sunday, March 31, 2013

L'Arome Fragrances

L'Arome started in 1981 in the United Kingdom and sold fragrances mimicking those of world famous manufacturers.

In 1989 Jim Moore was one of four partners who ran L'Arome, a Deesside based perfume firm which sold products through multi-level (sometimes called network or pyramid) marketing.

L'Arome's brands were called "Echoes" because they were reminiscent of major perfume brands. In 1991, Chanel, one of the world's biggest perfume companies, sued L'Arome under the Trade Marks Act 1938.

Chanel claimed L'Arome's 180,000 distributors asked potential customers what their favourite perfume was and then sold them the Echoes version.

Mr Justice Millett found in favour of Chanel. L'Arome went bust, owing £6.5m. Days later, L'Arome was purchased from the receivers and turned into L'Arome International. This failed in 1993.

The bottles with 500 series numbers correspond with well-known women's fragrances, and the 600 series numbers correspond with well-known men's fragrances.

Please remember, none of the world famous maker's created any of these perfumes for L'Arome. These are L'Arome's own "versions" of the famous perfumes.

Numbers often changed as new perfumes were launched.

Women's Fragrances:

  • L'Arome #501 corresponds to Opium
  • L'Arome #502 corresponds to Poison
  • L'Arome #503 corresponds to Chanel No. 5
  • L'Arome #504 corresponds to Coco
  • L'Arome #505 corresponds to White Linen
  • L'Arome #506 corresponds to Anais Anais
  • L'Arome #507 corresponds to Chanel No.19
  • L'Arome #508 corresponds to Giorgio 
  • L'Arome #509 corresponds to Chloe/Rive Gauche
  • L'Arome #510 corresponds to Chloe/L'air du Temps
  • L'Arome #511 corresponds to Fidji/Beautiful
  • L'Arome #512 corresponds to L'air du Temps
  • L'Arome #513 corresponds to Youth Dew/Oscar de la Renta
  • L'Arome #514 corresponds to Miss Dior/Beautiful/Obsession
  • L'Arome #515 corresponds to Paris/Obsession
  • L'Arome #516 corresponds to Lou Lou/Oscar de la Renta
  • L'Arome #517 corresponds to Ysatis/Gloria Vanderbilt
  • L'Arome #518 corresponds to Arpege/Miss Dior
  • L'Arome #519 corresponds to Private Collection/Cinnabar
  • L'Arome #520 corresponds to Paris
  • L'Arome #521 corresponds to Lou Lou
  • L'Arome #522 corresponds to Passion
  • L'Arome #523 corresponds to Ysatis
  • L'Arome #527 corresponds to Lauren
  • L'Arome #528 corresponds to Red by Beverly Hills
  • L'Arome #529 corresponds to 

Men's Fragrances:

  • L'Arome #601 corresponds to Kouros
  • L'Arome #602 corresponds to Paco Rabanne
  • L'Arome #603 corresponds to Polo
  • L'Arome #604 corresponds to Aramis
  • L'Arome #605 corresponds to Azzaro
  • L'Arome #606 corresponds to Eau Sauvage
  • L'Arome #607 corresponds to Drakkar Noir
  • L'Arome #608 corresponds to Obsession for Men
  • L'Arome #610 corresponds to Giorgio for Men
  • L'Arome #611 corresponds to


  1. PLEASE does anyone have the equivalents chart? I am desperately trying to find out what 522 and 608 (and a few others) were based on?

    1. I have the distributor manual, and I can confirm that (as above) fragrance 522 was based on Passion, by Parfums International. The gents fragrances only go up to number 606, in both my manual and in the sample kit that I have. If you check the chart that is printed above, on this page, you will see that 608 corresponds to Obsession for men. The list above matches the one in the 1989 distributor manual, except for numbers 607 - 609, these fragrances must have been later additions to the collection.

    2. Hi, Can anyone (past agent/distributor) remember which one of the mens was selling the best, It was a strong, extremely long lasting a bit oily scent, i was unbelievable! - well known to all the agents or distributors as EVEN BETTER than the original, Does anyone know which one from the mens selection that was - not sure but it could also been a woman's that men wore?

      thanks in advance

    3. It was Paco Rabanne.. I used to sell LOTS of it! :)

  2. I have the display box with the fragrances - most of the bottles are full or have most of the perfumes in the sample bottles. Thank you for the information.
    V. Stock


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