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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nissery & Mury Perfumes

Mury of Paris France. Established at 17 rue du Rocher, Paris in 1917, Mury produced perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries. The company was affiliated with Henri Muraour, an important essential oils company founded in North Africa in 1789.

They had branches in Algiers, Grasse & Paris. They became a major company in the 1920s with the success of the perfume Narcisse Bleu.

Mury was known for their elegant presentations, but later made lower priced perfume presentations.

Mainly active in the 1920’s to 1950’s.

The perfumes of Mury:
  • 1917 Caresse D'Amour
  • 1920 Cuir de Russie
  • 1920 Heliotrope
  • 1920 Jeux
  • 1920 Lavande
  • 1920 Le Narcisse Bleu
  • 1920 Mury
  • 1922 Civa
  • 1923 Le Beau Soir
  • 1923 Le Jardin De Ma Soeur
  • 1923 Violetera
  • 1925 Jasmin
  • 1925 Daphne
  • 1926 Con Amore
  • 1926 Notturno
  • 1926 Amadis
  • 1926 Patricia
  • 1935 Risk
  • 1940 Cap A La Vie
  • 1940 Été Fleuri
  • Jeux

Muraour Freres. Also known as Henri Muraour et Cie of Asnieres, France established in 1883; manufacturers of essential oils, also launched a range of fragrances in the 1920's including commemoratives' affiliated to Mury Parfumeur. Many of these perfumes were also sold under the Mury name.

The perfumes of Muraour Freres:
  • 1920 Jasmin
  • 1920 Jockey Club
  • 1920 L'Ambree
  • 1920 La Rose
  • 1920 Le Narcisse Bleu
  • 1920 L'Occident
  • 1920 Maréchale
  • 1920 Muguet
  • 1920 Carnation
  • 1920 Opoponax
  • 1920 Peau D'Espagne
  • 1920 Bouquet Parfait
  • 1920 Reseda
  • 1920 Revelation
  • 1920 Violette
  • 1920 Caresse d'Amour
  • 1920 Chypre
  • 1920 Cœur de Gitané
  • 1920 Eau de Fleurs d’Orange
  • 1920 Foin Coupe
  • 1920 Heliotrope
  • 1920 Hesitation
  • 1920 Hors La Brume

Parfumerie Nissery, established in 1921 by Jules-Joanin-Anatole Muraour at 9-13 rue des Champs, Asnieres, Seine.. The company was affiliated to Mury. They produced elegant presentations. The bottles for Le Look and Le Violette were both designed by Julien Viard.

The perfumes of Nissery:
  • 1920 Le Look
  • 1920 Le Jasmin
  • 1921 Le Narcisse
  • 1921 Le Seringa
  • 1921 Le Lilas
  • 1921 Le Muguet
  • 1921 Le Nissery
  • 1922 Le Cyclamen
  • 1922 Le Violette
  • 1922 Le Oeillet
  • 1925 Jasminade
  • 1925 La Rose Noire
  • 1925 Coeurs et Fleurs
  • 1925 Le Chévrefeuille
  • 1926 Perles de France
  • 1927 Pois de Senteur
  • Allée des Acacias
  • Clos Jolis
  • Premier Bal

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