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Chabrawichi, alternative spelling Chabrawicke, a company located in Cairo, Egypt, produced essential oils and fragrances.  The company also sold perfume dupes of the famous perfumes of the day. Their labels will state "Le Caire", some sources erroneously state that this is for the Le Claire stores, but it just means Cairo, Egypt, where the Chabrawichi company was located.

I have evidence that they used Czech perfume bottles, such as the famous Marie Antoinette figural bottle for their fragrance Bien Aimee and La Marquise. They were probably copying Houbigant's Bien Aimee which was created in 1930. Many modern Egyptian perfumeries still do this practice, making dupes of famous fragrances out of essential oils. An extrait/attar is a non alcohol pure perfume, made up of essential oils. Alcohol is forbidden according to Islam.

Chabrawichi perfumes:
  • 1920 555
  • 1925 Bon Soir 
  • 1925 Bouquet 
  • 1925 Chypre
  • 1925 Gardenia
  • 1925 Fougere
  • 1925 Violette
  • 1925 Œillet
  • 1925 Jasmin
  • 1925 Bonjour 
  • 1930 Cleopatra 
  • 1930 Nefertiti 
  • 1930 Bien Aimee
  • 1930 Favori
  • 1930 La Marquise
  • 1930 C’est Toi (It's You)
  • 1930 Rien Que Toi (Nothing but You)
  • 1930 Ma Vie (My Life)
  • 1930 Pour la Vie (For Life)
  • 1930 Rêve d’Amour (Dream of Love)
  • 1930 Secret 
  • 1940 Polka
  • 1940 Coquette
  • 1940 Caprice
  • 1940 Salma
  • 1950 Fairy
  • Femme Chic
  • Desire 
  • Maya
  • Mille Fleurs

  • Salma is an oriental fragrance for women.
  • Maya is classified as an oriental fragrance for women.
  • Desire is a spicy floral fragrance for women.
  • La Marquise is classified as a fougere fragrance.
  • Mille Fleurs is classified as a floral oriental fragrance for women.
  • May Fair is classified as a spicy green floral fragrance for women.

Rien Que Toi, c1930s, photo by ebay seller sadbad4

Perfume set holding four perfumes: Pour La Vie, Ma Vie, C'Est Toi, Reve d'Amour. c19430s-1960s. photo by ebay seller munhgauzen

Polka, c1940, photo from ebay

Nefertiti, c1930-1970, photo from

Fairy, c1950, photo from

Favori, c1930-1960, photo by

Jasmin, c1945-1960, photo by

femme Chic, c1960-1970, photo by

Cologne 555 and Eau de Cologne Mary, both c1930-1960, photo from crackstar

Favori, c1930-1960, photo by ebay seller sunart

Chypre Fin, c1925-1945, photo from worthpoint

Set of six perfumes, c1940, photo from worthpoint

Nefertiti, c1930, photo from worthpoint

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  1. Being Egyptian I am so happy to see that article about that Egyptian company with lots of history :) Though the country is now a mere shadow of its glorious past , I still use some of their products that I absolutely adore ..wish it will be restored soon ..


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