Saturday, November 16, 2013

La Reine Des Crémes and J. Lesquendieu

La Reine Des Crémes (The Queen of Creams) was the name of a skin cream produced by both Bossard-Lemaire and J. Lesquendieu, both of Paris France. The Lemaire marked creams were packaged in porcelain jars and date to around 1860-1920. The Lesquendieu marked  cream was packaged in porcelain jars during 1903 - 1920s, and later in tubes during the late 1920s-1930s.

J. Lesquendieu was originally established by Bossard-Lemaire at 5 rue de la Tacherie, Paris in 1861, the firm sold toiletries, cosmetics and fragrances, the company was then acquired by Joseph Lesquendieu in 1903, who changed the firm's name to J. Lesquendieu, the company was later associated with Tussy. All Lesquendieu products were represented in the United States by M. Levy.

Perfumes of Parfumerie J. Lesquendieu:

  • 1900 Lesquendieu 
  • 1918 Nikita  (Presented in a bottle designed by Henri Hamm)
  • 1923 Flo 
  • 1925 Glorilis 
  • 1925 Kamir 
  • 1926 Pinoflor 
  • 1928 Optimiste 
  • 1939 Remember Me 
  • 1940 Mountain Laurel 
  • 1940 Prince de Paris (Alternatively 'Prince of Paris')
  • 1953 Bonne Fortune (Good Luck)
  • 1953 Farjoli 

Other perfumes by Parfumerie J. Lesquendieu, probably made between 1910-1930:

  • Chandon d'Ecosse 
  • Feu de Bengale
  • Mon Jardin  
  • Muguet de Mon Jardin 
  • Muguet Noblial  
  • Nicea Capucines 
  • Reine de los Crimas 
  • Rose de Mon Jardin 
  • Violettes des Mon Jardin 

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