Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chateau de Paris Perfumes

Chateau de Paris, a company who produced low to mid price perfumes in the 1980s. they advertised their perfumes in magazines such as Ebony and Harper's Bazaar.

Ads for the time read:
"Chateau de Paris Perfumes - Created for the Individual with Exquisite Taste. You receive eight 1/2 oz bottles of the world's most enchanting fragrances. Each specially blended with imported oils. Beautifully hand wrapped, cushioned in foam to protect their magnificent fragrance. Retail Value : $160.00. Send just $29.95 plus $1.25 shipping. Promotional Marketing Dept P 179, 323 Franklin Bldg #804, Chicago, Ill, 60606"

These perfumes were knockoffs of famous perfumes, just given different names. I think that Fantaisie was a knockoff of Arpege, Passione was a knockoff of Chanel No. 5, Bien-Aime was a knockoff of My Sin, Premier Amour a knockoff of White Shoulders, Celeste a knockoff of Shalimar, Un Cherie a knockoff of Joy,...

The perfumes of Chateau de Paris:
  • PURPLE BOX:  FANTAISIE AR-D,“The Joy of Dreams and Fantasy”
  • RED BOX:  MON AMOUR ST-A, “Thrilling Essence of Love”
  • PINK BOX:  PASSIONE C-C, “Whispering Winds of Passion”
  • BLUE BOX:  BIEN-AIME MS-E, “The Precious Scent of Adoration”
  • YELLOW BOX: PREMIER AMOUR WS-B, “Soft and Tender as a First Love”
  • GREEN BOX:  CELESTE S-H: “Loves Heavenly Fragrance
  • WHITE BOX: UN CHERIE J-F, “Enticement for your Darling”
  • OFF-WHITE BOX: FLEAU-DE-SOIR T-G, “Flower of the Evening”

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