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Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Perfume Tells About You

From The Milwaukee Journal Nov. 11, 1960:

Elegance says Rene Bouche, is an inner quality which a woman expresses ny outer symbols - her clothes, her carriage, her manner. She also expresses it in her choice of perfume. The scent you like best shows the kind of person you are - sophisticated, friendly, ultra feminine. To find the perfumes that speak for you, circle the item that best answers the following questions for you:

1. Which woman would you rather have been:

a. Cleopatra
b. Juliet
c. Jane Eyre
d. Marie Antoinette

2. Which music would you choose to hear when you’re alone:

a. The Russian composers - Rimski, Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff
b. Musical comedies
c. Bach
d. West Coast jazz

3. What would you like to drink at 5 o’clock this afternoon:

a. Champagne
b. Chocolate soda
c. Coffee
d. Very dry martini

4. On a Saturday with nothing to do, would you:

a. Call friends you hadn’t seen in a long time
b. Try a really hard new recipe
c. Go to an art exhibit
d. Read “Advise and Consent”

5. If you could afford one luxury addition to your wardrobe, would it be:

a. A leopard coat
b. A handmade lace peignoir
c. Shoulder-length black suede gloves lines in scarlet silk
d. A Paris suit

6. Which bird would you rather be:

a. Peacock
b. Swan
c. Sea gull
d. Falcon

7: Which seaside resort would you choose for your vacation:

a. Miami Beach
b. Cannes
c. Nantucket
d. New York

8. What style of furniture do you prefer:

a. Louis XV
b. Early American
c. Italian provincial
d. Danish modern

9. When you’re mad, do you:

a. Smolder
b. Cry
c. Throw things
d. Bite your lip and flare your nostrils

10. With what movie star would you rather have dinner:

a. Frank Sinatra
b. Henry Fonda
c. Danny Kaye
d. Cary Grant

11. Where would you rather be on your birthday:

a. Doing a tango with the most exciting man you know
b. Dining with your favorite people
c. Taking a plane for Venice
d. Opening a box containing emerald earrings

12. Would you rather be:

a. Desired
b. Pampered
c. Intrigued
d. Admired

Count your answers in the A, B, C, D groups. The group in which you have the most answers will give you some clues to your perfume. But since each one of us is many women, don’t be afraid to cross perfume lines.

Five or more A answers: Your past probably includes at least one broken heart, not your own. The Oriental perfumes are yours: the oils and spices and woods of the East - sandalwood, bergamot and myrrh among them. Stormy and often unsettling , they’re the most frankly female of all perfumes. (Mitsouko, Antilope, Incanto, Mon Ami are some examples.)

Five or more B answers : The ultra feminine flower scents, which offer the widest choice of any perfume group, were made with you in mind. Which you? Well, in the springtime or at lunch, maybe a pure flower scent answering to name of the blossom, When you crave something more, a blend with one flower note leading all the rest. (Fr instance, Bellodgia evokes carnations, Diorissimo is lily of the valley: My Love , Bond Street and Joy among others are mostly roses and jasmine.) And for sheer elegance, when your hair’s swept up and the taxi’s waiting, one of the beautifully poised blends of many, many flowers. (Three lovely examples: Arpege, Chanel No 5, L’Aimant.)

Five or more C answers: You’re a woman of many moods, several mysteries, and probably quite a few opinions. Spices and fruits in your perfume are most likely yo get your message across: “I’m different.” Fruity smells are delicious: spicy smells are piquant: choose your blend. It might be fresh and breezy as the morning (for example, Early American or Blue Grass). It might be something with the of citrus (such as Fame, 20 Carats) or the lusciousness of a ripe peach (like Carnet de Bal, Femme). It might be a combination of spices and woods (like Orgeuil and Si) or of spices and flowers (Intoxication, Stradivari).

Five or more D answers: Jet planes and skyscrapers and good North American mink were made on your demand. You’re probably the best dressed woman in the block, and you manage to do a hundred things well. Your perfume should be a modern blend, vital and many faceted (like Adam’s Rib and Quadrille) or crisp and slightly impudent (such as Plaisir or Ma Griffe) or just plain old sophisticated (Flambeau, Five O’Clock, Shalimar).

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