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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Parfums Deltah

Deltah Perfumes. Inc.. 18 W. 21 St.. New York.

The perfumes of Deltah:
  • 1929 Mon Bijou
  • 1929 Midnight Hour/L'Heure de Minuit
  • 1929 Chypre
  • 1929 Gardenia
  • 1929 Magnolia
  • 1929 Jasmine
  • 1929 Numero 7 Gardenia
  • 1931 No. 7
  • 1931 Une Senteur de Deltah
  • 1931 Ecstasy de Deltah
  • 1931 Chez Elle de Deltah
  • 1934 L'Ambassadeur
  • 1934 Rendezvous

The Jeweler's Circular, 1929:
"PARFUMS DELTAH Add Prestige and Profit to Your Gift Department. Be prepared to supply the great Christmas demand for the universally fine gift. Mon Bijou (My Jewel). A fragrance of striking quality --a bottle of unique cut — "

According to a 1932 newspaper ad, Deltah's perfumes were created exclusively for them to be sold in exquisite jewelry displays next to their precious stones in only in the finest jewelry stores. So they were expensively bottled in imaginative shapes  - faceted to sparkle even among diamonds and pearls. The O.A. Hesla Company was the sole distributor of the perfumes. Some of the perfumes were boxed along with compacts and lipsticks.

The perfumes were created  as "personality scents" to express the eight most dominant of feminine types.

    L'Heure de Minuit (Midnight Hour) - whispering of an amourous rendezvous, this seductive Oriental scent as bewitching as a moonlight night. .. for the exotic whose romantic temperament colors her life with magic beauty. 
    Mon Bijou (My Jewel) - a delicate scent whose sweetness lingers like the perfume of a newly opened flower...to accent the radiant loveliest of the woman of elusive charm whose personality is always changing and whose spirit is always young. 
    Une Senteur de Deltah (Deltah's own fragrance) - the mingled sweetness of many wild flowers distilled into this enchanting fragrance, limpid, indefinable, intoxicating. For the dreamy woman of many moods whose placid seriousness covers an exquisitively poetic soul. 
    Chez Elle de Deltah (intimacy) - a haunting fragrance from the essence of moon kissed blossoms, exquisite as a love song. For a more reserved, mature woman, simple and unaffected as a girl who needs just a breath of this mystic scent to color her quiet loveliness. 
    Ecstasy - all the irresistible fervor of youth caught in the passion of spring is captured in this lovely scent...for the impulsive woman whose bubbling gaiety and joie de vivre keep her eternally girlish. She is sometimes delicately blond, but most often brunette. 
    Gardenia - sensuous, yet secretly perceptible, is gardenia's perfume, suggesting the fleeting loveliness of the rich white gardenia blossom. A captivating scent for the energetic, active woman who radiates vitality and self assurance. 
    Jasmine - like Oriental incense, is the penetrating pungency of jasmine - the flower of romance...to emphasize the youthful sophistication of the typical "young modern" whose versatile personality makes her a splendid sportswoman and an understanding deeply feminine woman. 
    Magnolia - a fresh, clean scent, redolent with the ravishing perfume of sun drenched magnolia blossoms, a delightful daytime fragrance. To accent the buoyancy of the modern outdoor woman. whose wholesomeness is refreshing as spring.

Apparently the jewelers were unsuccessful in selling the perfumes so the department store Gimbels bought out the remaining stock.  Deltah's perfumes were sold until around 1959 or so.


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