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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jeurelle Perfumes

Maison Jeurelle-Seventeen, Inc., International Building, Rockefeller Center, New York was established at Fifth Street, New York in 1933, as a division of Colgate-Palmolive-Peet. It was also known as Jeurelle-Seventeen,  the 'seventeen' coming from the 17th floor where the company was located. The Seventeen department produced cosmetics and skin care aimed at teenage girls.

In 1946, Jeurelle, Inc.,a distributor of perfumes, bath preparations and cosmetics, was purchased by Emerson Drug Co.

The company produced extraordinary miniature perfumes, bath salts and other perfumes. Their perfumes were often housed in Czech cut crystal flacons like the ones below.

In 1938, Caron Perfumes sued Jeurelle. The plaintiff, Caron Corporation, has been manufacturing and selling, in bottles, a perfumed bath preparation, known as "Bain de Champagne". The defendant, Maison Jeurelle-Seventeen, Inc., has been manufacturing and selling, in bottles, a perfumed bath preparation, known as "Bain Mousseux". "Mousseux" is translated as "Sparkling".

In 1941, their bath salts were packaged in decorative hobnail glass bottle, one could use it afterwards, it came with a tiny shovel tied on, and the fragrances included pine, rose geranium and bouquet.'

Jeurelle seems to have been in business up until 1953 or so.

The perfumes of Jeurelle:

  • 1933 Seventeen
  • 1933 La Freesia de Jeurelle
  • 1933 Le Cyclamen de Jeurelle
  • 1933 Le Mimosa de Jeurelle
  • 1933 Le Gardenia de Jeurelle
  • 1933 Le Camelia de Jeurelle
  • 1934 Perfume Spheres
  • 1934 Le Secret de Jeurelle
  • 1936 Limited Edition
  • 1936 Old Vienna
  • 1936 Queen Alexandria
  • 1936 Coologne
  • 1938 Perfume Cluster
  • 1938 Rouvon
  • 1940 Apple Blossom
  • 1940 Blue Field Flower
  • 1940 Central Park
  • 1940 Libretto de Jeurelle
  • 1940 Gardenia
  • 1940 Red Carnation
  • 1940 Pink Geranium
  • 1940 Rose Geranium
  • 1940 Six-Thirty
  • 1940 White LIlac
  • 1941 Blue Grotto
  • 1941 Lisette
  • 1941 Toreador
  • 1942 Constellation
  • 1944 English Boxwood
  • 1944 La Tuareg
  • 1945 Gay Lothario

1945 Saraband

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