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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Alyssa Ashley Perfumes

Alyssa Ashley, a fashion designer who launched a range of fragrances, and was a division of Houbigant  during the 1970s. She also introduced products such as the Alyssa Ashley for Houbigant a pure organic Vitamin E Oil in 1973.


Alyssa Ashley, Inc.  is most noted for her Musk perfumes and musk perfumed products. "Alyssa Ashley introduces. A total concept in musk. Musk, evocative of you, for only with the warmth of your body does musk release its explosive, suggestive fragrance. Musk, the fragrance with a soft primitive temptation, Sure to stir up new beginnings. Be sure you get the genuine Alyssa Ashley Musk in the black and silver packages."

By 1978, the line included:
  • Musk Oil in 1/4 oz and 0.48 oz sizes,
  • Musk Spray in 1.5 oz
  • Pure Musk Spray in 1 oz
  • Musk Cologne in 2 oz
  • Musk Dusting Powder
  • Musk Hand & Body Moisturizer in 4 oz and 8 oz
  • Musk Bubbly Milk Bath
  • Musk Body Shampoo in 16 oz

The Primitive Naturals:

Alyssa Ashley came out with  The Primitive Naturals line in 1973, "The first scents. With a power to stir up new beginnings. Wear one and evoke a primal response. In concentrated oils 0.48 oz $5.00 each. Each scent also also available in Spray Mist 2 oz, $2.00 each."
  • Mysterious Musk: essence of earthiness, a long lasting scent with primitive appeal.(Even better when its mutual.)
  • Captivating Civet: spirit of fire, a wild, free scent with a secret inner self, waiting to light up, (its catching)
  • Ambergris: gift of the sea, a clean, forceful scent throbbing with the lure of unexplored depths. (C'mon, explore)


From a 1976 ad, "Alyssa Ashley - A Rose Is a Rose. Dozens of roses in every bottle. Count them over 250 sprays. Pick them in non spray. A Rose Is a Rose Pure Spray $2.50."

In 1984, Alyssa Ashley released the French Garden Flower Fragrance Collection, Limited edition 2 oz sprays in  Muguet, Jasmine, Gardenia, and Lilac. They retailed for $3.75each.

The Fragrance List:

The perfumes of Alyssa Ashley:
  • 1968 Musk
  • 1970 Mon Boudoir
  • 1970 Naked Esscents - Green Apple
  • 1970 Naked Esscents - Jasmine
  • 1970 Naked Esscents - Morning Dew
  • 1970 Naked Esscents - Oak Moss
  • 1970 Naked Esscents - Tea Rose
  • 1970 Original French Oils of Perfume
  • 1974 Civet 
  • 1974 Ambergris, discontinued by 1985
  • 1974 Primitive Naturals Ginger (solid perfume)
  • 1974 Primitive Naturals Vanilla (solid perfume)
  • 1974 Primitive Naturals Musk (solid perfume)
  • 1974 Primitive Naturals Lemongrass (solid perfume)
  • 1974 Primitive Naturals Merion Blue (solid perfume)
  • 1974 Primitive Naturals Tea Rose (solid perfume)
  • 1974 Primitive Naturals Jasmine (solid perfume)   
  • 1975 A Rose Is A Rose
  • 1982 Les Fleurs
  • 1983 Flowers a la Carte
  • 1983 En Fleur
  • 1984 French Garden Flowers Muguet
  • 1984 French Garden Flowers Lilac
  • 1984 French Garden Flowers Gardenia
  • 1984 French Garden Flowers Jasmine
  • 1988 Illegale
  • 1990 Alyssa Ashley Vanilla
  • 1990 Alyssa Ashley Men's Musk (original) 
  • 1992 Alyssa Ashley Musk by Dana
  • 1993 Global Blends: African Blend 
  • 1993 Global Blends: Asian Blend 
  • 1993 Global Blends: Brazilian Blend 
  • 1993 Global Blends: White Russian Blend
  • 1995 French Vanilla
  • 1997 Esoteric
  • 1998 4H for her
  • 1999 4H for him
  • 1999 4H for him & her
  • 2000 Alyssa Ashley White Musk
  • 2001 Alyssa Ashley Men's Musk (new)
  • 2001 Musk for Men
  • 2002 Alyssa Ashley Green Tea Essence
  • 2005 Fizzy
  • 2005 Coco Vanilla
  • 2007 Fizzy Blue
  • 2008 Esoteric (relaunch)
  • 2009 Essence de Patchouli
  • 2009 Musk Extreme
  • 2012 Ambre Gris
  • 2012 Oud pour Lui
  • 2012 Oud pour Elle
  • Vanilla Evolution
  • Vanilla Light

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