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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Parfums d'Arys

Arys of Paris France, established in 1916 at 3 rue de la Paix Paris, by Dr. Lucien Graux, who had already produced perfumes with the Arys name. He was the perfumer to the Royal House of Spain. Graux played a major role in the 1925 Paris exhibition.

Arys was known for its Oriental -inspired fragrances. In a 1925 publication, the so called "Societe Anonyme des Parfums d'Arys", whose products were prepared "according to the formulas of Dr. Reymondon," is singled out as "one of the most powerful organizations in France and in the whole world." It had modern factories in Courbevoie, Milan, Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest and elsewhere., the report goes on that the factories are equipped with laboratories developing equipment which is marked by its perfection and constantly updated in accordance with the latest mechanical methods.

A fairly early link was forged between Arys and Lalique, but the bottles do not rank among his most beautiful. Altogether, Rene Lalique created at least fourteen flacons for Arys, nine of these were available in more than one size.

The perfumes of Arys:
  • 1911 Promenade Matinale
  • 1916 Le Chypre
  • 1916 Arys
  • 1916 Arysette
  • 1916 Bridal Bouquet
  • 1917 Chypre 2
  • 1917 Secret d'Arys
  • 1917 Parlez-lui de Moi
  • 1917 Cyclamen
  • 1917 Rose
  • 1918 L’Heure Heureuse
  • 1918 Un Jour Viendra
  • 1919 Premier Oui
  • 1919 L'Amour Dans la Coeur
  • 1919 Oeillet
  • 1919 Violette
  • 1919 L'Anneau Merveilleux
  • 1919 Chypre 3
  • 1919 Parce Que
  • 1919 C'est Ca!
  • 1919 Rien que de Bonheur
  • 1919 Croyez Moi
  • 1919 Un Jardin le Nuit
  • 1920 Le Jasmin
  • 1920 Heliotrope
  • 1920 Mimosa
  • 1920 Musky
  • 1920 Blasé
  • 1920 Yank
  • 1920 Rose sans fin
  • 1920 Ambre Vermeil
  • 1920 Fox Trot
  • 1920 En Fermant Les Yeux
  • 1920 Djola
  • 1920 Faites-Lui Mes
  • 1920 Parlez -lui de moi
  • 1920 Rose sans fin
  • 1920 L’Anneau Merveilleux
  • 1920 Faisons un Reve
  • 1920 Vouloir c'est pouvoir (parfum pour homme)
  • 1922 Feuilles
  • 1922 Caresse Infinie
  • 1922 Un Jardin La Nuit
  • 1922 Muguet
  • 1922 Le Lilas
  • 1923 Blues
  • 1923 Eau de Cologne Ambrée
  • 1924 Un Reve
  • 1926 Ambré de Carthage
  • 1927 Diamant Imperial
  • 1928 Mes Chers Aimis
  • 1920 Black Narcissus
  • 1940 Soubrette
  • 1945 Temoignage
  • Eternellement
  • Iris
  • Le Bonheur dans L’Air
  • Mon Jardin le Nuit
  • Quercia
  • Can Can
  • Célisse
  • Rien Que du Bonheur
  • Verveine
  • Automatique
  • Sabine

A 1920 ad lists the following perfumes in their own categories:

  • Un Jour Viendra
  • Ambre Vermeil
  • Parlez -lui de moi
  • Premier Oui
  • Rose sans fin
  • L’Anneux Merveilleux
  • L'Amour Dans la Coeur

  •  Faisons un Reve
  • Fox Trot
  • Vouloir c'est pouvoir (parfum pour homme)

  • Oilellet
  • Rose 
  • Mimosa
  • Cyclamen
  • Jasmine
  • Mimosa
  • Iris
  • Lilas
  • Muguet
  • Heliotrope
  • Chypre

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