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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Parfums de Volnay

Parfums de Volnay of Paris France and Suresnes France. Established in 1919 by Rene Duval, who had previously worked for perfumer Coty and established Brahma perfumery in 1912, producing Oriental style presentations.

Volnay soon became very successful and had opened branches in London, Milan, Brussels, New York, South America and Australia. Volnay also produced perfumes for other companies such as Fontanis.

c1930 ad


Volnay created some of the finest presentations utilizing unusual names and eclectic styles inspired by exotic and romantic themes. Best known for the use of a pearlized finish called 'laitence de hareng', created by Andre Jolivet, on their perfume bottles, such as the one for Perlinette and Perlerette in 1925. I believe that these bottles were made by Nesle Normandeuse.

Julien Viard created some gorgeous flacons for Volnay. These bottles were manufactured by Depinoix and Société Parisienne de Verrerie (SPV). .

Lalique manufactured some bottles for Volnay, including the ones for Gri-Gri, Chypre Ambre, Ambre de Siam, Violette, Mimeomai, Jardinee and Mousse Ambre.

The perfumes of Volnay:

  • 1919 Cerny
  • 1919 Violette
  • 1919 Muguet
  • 1919 Lilas
  • 1919 Silas
  • 1919 Ambré de Siam
  • 1920 Fleurs Vives
  • 1920 No. 6
  • 1920 Yapana
  • 1920 Ambré
  • 1920 Chypre Ambré
  • 1920 Rose Brumaire
  • 1921 Gri Gri
  • 1921 Rose
  • 1921 Iris Niege
  • 1921 Firefly
  • 1921 Mousse Ambrée
  • 1921 Mimeomai
  • 1921 Ambre Indien
  • 1921 Chypre
  • 1922 Cap d'Or
  • 1922 Napée 
  • 1922 Jasmin du Cap
  • 1922 Oeillet Kleber
  • 1922 Jardinée
  • 1922 Jasmine
  • 1922 Roncier
  • 1922 Volnais
  • 1922 Parfum Volnay
  • 1922 Lilas de Kioto
  • 1922 Maoni
  • 1922 Lilas de Lorraine
  • 1923 Brumaire
  • 1923 Chypre Ambrée/Chypre Ambre
  • 1923 Le Parfum de Gabriel Dorziat
  • 1923 Tijade
  • 1923 D'Arline
  • 1925 Perlinette
  • 1925 Perlerette
  • 1923 Le Parfum de Gabriel Dorziat
  • 1924 Le Songe
  • 1924 Oriental
  • 1924 Lilac
  • 1925 Géranium des Iles
  • 1925 Avenue de Acacias
  • 1925 Étoile d’Or
  • 1925 Œillet Kléber
  • 1925 Présque Rien 
  • 1927 Rosée de Bois
  • 1927 Choses du Passe
  • 1927 Un Gardenia
  • 1927 Œillet
  • 1928 Cuir de Russie
  • 1928 Un Magnolia
  • 1928 Deci Delà
  • 1928 Femme et Epines
  • 1928 Fougère Masquée
  • 1928 Gros Fruits
  • 1928 Jonchée de Pois de Senteur
  • 1928 Nos Vingt An
  • 1928 Nouveau Gri-Gri
  • 1928 Origan
  • 1928 Soir D’Été
  • 1928 Violette
  • 1929 Ondée de Violettes
  • 1937 Cachucha
  • 1937 Très Francais
  • 1945 Embleme
  • Marie Antoinette Romance
  • Silence d'Or
  • Ritournelle
  • Ambré Adieu
  • Corsaire

Cachucha is classified as a floral chypre fragrance for women.
  • Top notes: neroli, lily of the valley and lilac
  • Middle notes: spices, nutmeg, carnation, ylang ylang, rose, jasmine
  • Base notes: oakmoss, labdanum, sandalwood, cedar, musk, vanilla, ambergris

A 1921 advertisement describes the bottle for Firefly perfume,
"It Holds a Rare Perfume and the name breathes of sweet scented gardens and pale moonlight. It is Firefly sent to us by the master perfumer Volnay from Paris.

Foreign Commerce Weekly, 1949:
"France — Parfums Volnay (manufacturer), 62 Avenue Franklin-Roosevelt, Suresnes (Seine), seeks outlets through de luxe shops or chain stores for unlimited quantities of de luxe perfumes, cold creams, powder, rouge, and bath salts."

Volnay Today:

Good News! Parfums Volnay has been resurrected and can be found at http://www.parfums-volnay.com/en/

Here is a list of perfumes with some of their descriptions by Volnay:

Objet Celeste: Classified as a floral chypre perfume, it is a very modern fragrance with "electrical" chords of patchouli. It takes you away into a constellation of emotions. This is a light and sensual Cyprus, almond floral - stylish and refined, with beautiful oriental vibrations that emerge as if by magic. A shower of fresh petals, scents of rose and orange wrapped and subjugated by affirmed accords of almond, wood and musk powder. This new version was created by Amélie Bourgeois
  • Top notes; Italian bergamot, clary sage, grapefruit
  • Middle notes: fresh jasmine, peony
  • Base notes: almond, precious wood, Indonesian patchouli, Siam benzoin, musk powder, Base 4092

Brume d'HiverClassified as a spicy woody fragrance, it is a reassuring and warm fragrance. Constructed from the Volnay rose, "Rose Brumaire" - originally created as a rose soliflore fragrance by René Duval in 1919- is a luminous and transparent pink rose which associates Oud wood and Vetiver whose original accord combines femininity and masculinity. This is a spicy, woody fragrance that leads you into fresh scents of teak, combined with the exotic and sensual note of cypriol (papyrus). This new version was created by Amélie Bourgeois.

The fresh shyness of the first notes mounts in strength and nestles in the warm and reassuring wake of a warm and slightly spicy wood. Like winter, it inspires us to curl up by the fire.
  • Top notes: Italian bergamot, elemi, juniper berries.
  • Middle notes: jasmine, Bulgarian rose, rose
  • Base notes: oud wood, incense, violet, heliotrope, musk powder, Haitian vetiver, Spanish labdanum, rosewood, Cypriol, Base 4092.

Perlerette: Classified as a powdery aldehydic floral perfume, its scent is the historical home of the Volnay. Originally, the colored pearl, hence its name. Like a pearl, it is valuable and well-rounded. This is a powdery floral magnified by a mosaic of peoples. The powdery florals are enhanced with ambrette. This seed, from a variety of rare hibiscus brings a remarkable fruity nuance. Its origins are from South America mainly where Germaine Madeline lived. This new version was created by Amélie Bourgeois and is based on the floral bouquet fragrance Perlinette of 1919.

Romantic and aerial spirals of fresh flowers spreading its in wake of powders delicate rose and iris, giving it was silky and sensual side. Perlerette is not a perfume; it is a way of Being in the Manner of queens, as Catherine de Medici, who perfumed her hair with iris.
  • Top notes; Italian bergamot, pink pepper, bigarade grapefruit 
  • Middle notes: carnation, orange blossom, jasmine, pink , pink pepper, lilac
  • Base notes: 4092 base, Iralia base, iris, ambrette, vanilla, violet, musk powder

Yapana:  Classified as a leathery oriental  fragrance, chosen by name Germaine Madeline year in memory of aromatic plant in Latin America with medicinal properties, is a fragrance that makes you feel good. It is enveloping, warm and powerful. The combination of unusual ingredients such as stone and golden green gives the vanilla fragrance has strangeness and modernity. This oriental leathery scent, with amber notes, opens the doors of luxury and refinement. This new version was created by Amélie Bourgeois based on the original semi oriental floral perfume Yapana from 1926.

A fiery entrance, amber, musky, Whose flamboyance is tamed by the warm note of oriental year agreement of citrus and vanilla.
  • Top notes: Italian bergamot, pink pepper, grapefruit  bigarade 
  • Middle notes: 4092 base, ylang ylang, rose, elemi, helional
  • Base notes: Siam benzoin, labdanum, patchouli Indo, rice bran, iris, golden stone, green vanilla

Etoile D'Or: Classified as a spicy floral oriental chypre perfume, it is irresistible. It is a journey through time. Recreated by respecting the original sweet amber formula, it takes us back to the 1920s. The focus is to find the Parisian chic of the early century. The Etoile d’Or perfume was designed for powerful people, for men and women of character. This oriental floral, much appreciated by perfumers of the past, is the way to become even more desirable. This new version was created by Amélie Bourgeois

Playful and malicious accords, which beyond the singular notes of bergamot and lavender, capture the senses with the sensual and carnal side of spicy oriental. The suede note provides a velvety feel, which adds a new dimension to the sensuality of the fragrance.
  • Top notes: Italian bergamot, country lavender
  • Middle notes; Egyptian jasmine, absolute Turkish rose
  • Base notes: Base 4092, Siam benzoin, tonka bean,  oak moss substitute, suede note, musk powder

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