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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Frederick Stearns

Frederick Stearn and Co of Detroit, Michigan, also known as Stearns.

Frederick Stearns & Co. of  Jefferson Avenue, Detroit. Established 1855. Incorporated 1882.
  • Frederick Kimball Stearns, President and General Manager 
  • Frank C McLaughlin, Vice President and Treasurer 
  • Thomas Bennett, Secretary 

Some of the early 1900s Stearns perfume labels were prefixed by the following words "American Girl Perfumes", which was a line.

 I have listed the perfume names I could find, but there may be more out there. Most of the Day Dreams perfume and related toiletries you can find on ebay look to date to the 1930s-1940s. It was a very popular line, probably the most popular lines were Sadira, American Beauty Rose, Amorita and Day Dreams.

First introduced in 1901, Suprema was a line of various single floral odors such as Trailing Arbutus, Lily of the Valley, White Rose, Locust Blossom, Jockey Club, Lilac, Violet, and others. In 1917, the Suprema line was given a facelift with new 1/2 oz size bottles with embossed gilded metal labels.

Pharmaceutical Record and Weekly Market Review, Volume 14, 1892:
"We illustrate herewith a new method which Frederick Stearns & Co. Detroit, Mich, have adopted in putting their American Beauty Rose on the market. This package, it will be observed, has a peculiar fitness for holiday display, being exceptionally neat and attractive. The bottle is oval in shape of the style known as "A" Special French Oval, and is inclosed in a handsomely embossed box of oblong octagonal design. The perfume itself sustains the reputation for excellence, which the products of this firm have established.  Frederick Stearns and Co. are also calling special attention prominently to their Amorita Perfume, which is to as an odor of rare and lingering sweetness evidently possessed of qualities of permanence is the true test of a really fine perfume. This perfume is put up in a tall square bottle with cut lapidary stopper, which is inclosed within a tight fitting box of chocolate colored paper."

The perfumes of Stearns:
  • 1880 Cassie
  • 1888 Jockey Club
  • 1888 Heliotrope
  • 1888 Clove Pink
  • 1888 White Rose
  • 1888 White Lilac
  • 1888 Patchouly
  • 1888 Frangipanni
  • 1888 Musk
  • 1888 Upper Ten
  • 1888 Rose Geranium
  • 1888 Tea Rose
  • 1888 Opoponax
  • 1888 New Mown Hay
  • 1888 Lily of the Valley
  • 1888 Moss Rose
  • 1888 Wood Violet
  • 1888 West End
  • 1888 Ess Bouquet
  • 1888 True English Violet
  • 1888 Stephanotis
  • 1888 Tonquin Musk
  • 1888 White Pond Lily
  • 1888 Rondeletia
  • 1888 Ylang Ylang
  • 1888 Amorita
  • 1888 4 Roses 
  • 1888 Olive Blossom 
  • 1888 Erminie 
  • 1888 Kalanthe 
  • 1888 May Blossom 
  • 1888 Euxenia 
  • 1888 Luculia 
  • 1888 Nadjy 
  • 1888 Ideal Bouquet
  • 1892 American Beauty Rose
  • 1892 Crab Apple Blossom
  • 1892 Cleopatra
  • 1892 West India Bay Rum
  • 1894 Purple Lilac
  • 1896 Czarina, a line of perfumes
  • 1896 Rosalys
  • 1896 Czarina Violettes
  • 1896 Czarina Roses
  • 1896 Czarina Carnations
  • 1898 Sweet Marie
  • 1898 Country Club Bouquet
  • 1892 Hesperia
  • 1910 Honeysuckle
  • 1901 Lorna
  • 1901 Suprema (a line)
  • 1902 Yolande
  • 1903 Blush Roses
  • 1903 Bouquet de Luxe
  • 1903 Czarina Daisies
  • 1903 Czarina Trefle
  • 1903 Crystal Velvet
  • 1903 Eudora
  • 1903 Euxenia
  • 1903 L'Aiglon
  • 1903 Parma Pink
  • 1903 Perlet
  • 1903 Rosamond
  • 1903 Thelma
  • 1903 Winnie Davis
  • 1903 Zymole
  • 1905 Pompadour
  • 1906 Zira
  • 1906 American Girl 
  • 1907 Fluffy Ruffles
  • 1908 Lamballe
  • 1910 Synthetol
  • 1910 Concress
  • 1914 Eterno
  • 1916 Chin Chin
  • 1917 Day Dreams/Day Dream
  • 1919 Jazz
  • 1919 L'Amusette
  • 1920 Sadira
  • 1928 Golden Dawn
  • 1935 Desirez Moi

The girl's name Sadira is of Persian origin, and its meaning is "lotus tree". The lotus is of great significance in various Eastern religions.

American Druggist, Volumes 17-18, 1888:

It pays to push the best goods in the perfume line as a trade well established by selling the finest odors only is the trade which will be permanent and entirely satisfactory to the retailer and the customer. Fine goods can only be produced by liberally using the finest materials aided by skilled labor. We import all the French flower pomades used by us direct from Grasse also the finest and most expensive essential oils and we can thus guarantee the quality of the ingredients to be the best. Our bouquets are made from formulae of established superiority and are well aged before sending out thereby producing that softness of quality and blending together property so much admired in Lubin's and Atkinson's odors. 
Fine perfumes must possess three distinguishing characteristics. First fragrance in abundance without being loud. Second delicacy with sweetness and freedom from sharpness. Third permanency and lasting qualities. Our odors possess all of the above good points and are extremely fragrant deliciously sweet and remain so. The use of good perfumes is always indicative of good taste. A lady of refinement may be picked out by the quality of odor she uses as surely as her style of dress or conversation as she will invariably eschew anything loud or common in dress conversation or perfumery. Consumers often are as good judges of perfumes as manufacturers are. A good clean nose and delicate sense of smell can distinguish a good fragrant sweet odor from a cheap and loud one and also whether it truly resembles the flower it pretends to.
Fancy and elaborate labels on bottles do not add fragrance to their contents nor does the use of pretty names and flowery language prove that flowers themselves are used in the composition of the goods they speak for. Perfumes are like musical sounds, they bear certain relations to each other which may be harmonious or discordant according to the skill or taste of the composer. And it is the art of so combining and varying odors in new relations that once in a while we get such fine bouquet odors as White Rose, Jockey Club, Amorita, etc. The best class of retailers are beginning to find out that the way to build up a trade on perfumes is to adopt some prominent line of special odors and push them for all they are worth and where satisfaction is given in the first instance a customer will return again for the same article. We have for some time recommended to dealers the handling of our special odors and while no one can gainsay the excellence and good quality of the old favorites like Jockey Club, White Rose, Frangipanni, New Mown Hay, etc, at the same time all these odors are made by every manufacturer and no two are exactly the same.  
It was some four years ago we first called the attention of the trade to the following new and original bouquets which were then first introduced for popular favor viz: Ideal Bouquet, Olive Blossom, and Erminie, and still more recently to our new ones called Amorita, May Blossom, and 4 Roses. Add to the above our latest Nadjy, and we believe that the group will comprise the choicest perfumes ever made. The different characteristics of each special odor may be described as follows: 

Euxenia takes its name from Eu beautiful and Xenos a stranger and is the perfume of a pretty yellowed plant Euxenia grata of Chili South America. Its odor is peculiarly sweet and fascinating.

Luculia is from the sweet Luculia Swa Nepalese name of a rare and fragrant pink flowered tree of Nepal. Its botanical name is Luculia pinciana. This perfume is extremely fragrant and lasting.

 Kalanthe a name from the Greek Kalos and Anthos a beautiful flower the perfume of the Calanthe versicolor an orchid from Isle Mauritius East Indian Ocean. The perfume is intensely sweet and delicate.

Amorita is without question the most delightful bouquet ever devised. It has a peculiar springy refreshing character which is delightful never cloys or tires one as do too sweet things. To our mind it is finest bouquet we have.

May Blossom excels the imported May Bells. Its peculiar delicate yet lasting sweetness make it the favorite second only to Amorita.

Stearns 4 Roses combines in one bouquet the fragrance and sweetness of the perfumes of the White, Jacque, Marechal Niel, and Noisette roses which are respectively in color, white, deep red, yellow, and pink. It is the sweetest and most intense rose perfume on market surpassing in fragrance even White Rose.

 Erminie has gained many friends who choose it on account of fragrance and delicacy.

Ideal Bouquet is a delightful odor and well replaces the favorite Mary Stuart.

Olive Blossom has become very popular and is always good.

Nadjy our latest success though but lately introduced has already popular. It is the most persistent sweet odor we have.

In addition to the above special odors which we alone can manufacture we would call particular attention to our make of the following general favorites: White Rose, Lily of the Valley, Heliotrope, Opoponax, Jockey Club, Frangipanni, Stephanotis, English Violet, Ylang Ylang, and others which we believe are unsurpassed.

White Rose has a charm about it that fascinates everybody. Its peculiar freshness which it retains indefinitely and its mellow and rich sweetness make it always a favorite. In the composition of its bouquet are united with the fragrance of the rose the sweetness of the jasmine and the refinement of the violet.

Lily of the Valley is a bouquet which so truly reproduces the odor of the flower itself that connoisseurs cannot distinguish them. Our make of this has become extremely popular and recommended highly.

Heliotrope. Exquisitely delicate a universal favorite. In addition to its popularity in this country we export large quantities of this perfume to South America, the buyers being Spanish speaking people who prefer our make of this odor to any in the world.

Opoponax, rich fragrant lasting. Particularly admired among people of refinement on account of its peculiar characteristics being quiet and delicate in opposition to loud smelling.

Jockey Club hardly needs commenting on or recommending here. It is too well known and too firmly an established favorite but there are different makes and some are better than others so we may state we believe ours to be best of all. A trial is all that is necessary to convince anyone.

Frangipanni. This perfume so a famous writer states was the invention of one of the earliest of the Roman nobles whose name it bears and it has the merit of being the most lasting perfume made. On account of its popularity we do not list it at double the price of other odors as some do but believe ours to be equal to any made.

Ylang Ylang meaning flower of flowers is an extremely beautiful flower which grows abundantly in the Phillipine Islands in which place its precious otto is distilled and sent abroad. Its odor is peculiarly delightful and beyond imitation.

Stephanotis is an odor extremely popular in England and amongst people of good taste is a favorite here.

Violet owing to the extremely high price of the flowers which has prevailed for the past few years has been difficult to get good and substitutes and imitations of it have flooded the market. Our English Violet is pure true to name and unexcelled by any made.

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