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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shulton & Leigh Perfumes

Shulton of New York City. Shulton also operated under a name of another company called Leigh. I believe it was originally called Leigh, then was either bought out by Shulton or had a name change.

The perfumes of Shulton (Leigh):
  • 1910 Bouquet Supreme (Leigh)
  • 1919 Dulcinee (Leigh)
  • 1922 Rose Marechal (Leigh)
  • 1922 Virginia Clover (Leigh)
  • 1923 Ambar Nile (Leigh)
  • 1925 Bainaqua (Leigh)
  • 1930 Sublime (Leigh)
  • 1926 Risque (Leigh)
  • 1929 Lady Leigh (Leigh)
  • 1930 Lochnivar (Leigh)
  • 1930 Man Fashion (Leigh)
  • 1930 Poetic Dream (Leigh)
  • 1930 Resplendent (Leigh)
  • 1935 Sandra
  • 1936 Old Spice
  • 1936 Tropical Night
  • 1937 Early American Old Spice for Women
  • 1937 handsome is as handsome does
  • 1939 Early American Gardens
  • 1939 Early American Heartbeat
  • 1939 Early American Roundelay
  • 1939 Friendship's Garden
  • 1942 Always Date Lovely
  • 1943 Heartbeat ( also sold under the Leigh name)
  • 1944 Picaresque
  • 1947 Desert Flower (also sold under the Leigh name)
  • 1953 Verve
  • 1954 Escapade
  • 1954 Page One
  • 1965 Taji
  • 1966 Old Spice Fresh Lime
  • 1968 Old Spice Burley/Old Spice Bounty
  • 1974 Old Spice Musk for Men
  • 1977 Cie
  • 1977 Old Spice Herbal
  • 1985 Old Spice Leather
  • 1987 Night Spice
  • Natif de France (unknown launch date)

Perfume Descriptions:
  • Heartbeat: a vibrant floral blend
  • Risque: a smoldering amber musk
  • Dulcinea: a lovely jasmine bouquet
  • Poetic Dream: floral fantasy
  • Friendship's Garden: the dewy fresh fragrance of garden flowers
  • Desert Flower: a rather spicy floral

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