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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Prochaska and Edouardo Perfumes

Prochaska perfumery products of Vienna, became Proka Parfumerie in 1925. It was distributed by Parfums Edouardo.

 Originally established by Franz Prochaska, originally of Prague, in Vienna, Austria in Prague; in c1847 moved to Vienna, company divided in 1926 into Edouardo and Proka Parfumerie, name registered in 1927.

Prochaska Perfumes:
  • 1891 Bouquet de L'Exposition
  • 1899 Extract Violette Russes
  • 1902 Ambre Royal
  • 1906 Violette Prochaska
  • 1906 Sweet Pea
  • 1906 New Mown Hay
  • 1906 Rose Reine
  • 1906 Empire
  • 1906 Mon Secret
  • 1906 Le Supreme 
  • 1906 Violette Merveilleuse
  • 1908 Extract Royal Rose
  • 1909 Bouquet Ideal Extract
  • 1910 Royal Frosia
  • 1910 Violette Fleuri
  • 1910 Muguet Fleuri
  • 1911 Royal Bouvardia
  • 1911 Royal Bouquet Extract
  • 1915 Mon Amour
  • 1925 Bul Bul
  • 1928 Original Bouvardia
  • Astrid
  • Œillet Royal
Julian Viard perfume bottle of clear crystal with enamel and brown patina. c. 1926. 3 1/4", for Prochaska, bottle made in Czechoslovakia, photo from Rago Arts.

Parfums Edouardo:

Parfums Edouardo had an executive office at 20 Broad Street, New York City, NY.  In 1930, it was located at 300 Fourth Ave New York City.

Had a factory in Grasse, France.

Established by the artist MB Tatum in Madison Avenue, New York; launched a range of fragrances in the 1920's.

Edouardo produced a unique lines of perfumes, soaps, powders, cosmetics and perfumery novelties made and packed at their establishment in Grasse.

The perfumes of Parfums Edouardo::
  • 1925 Bag Dabs (solid perfume in bakelite cases)
  • 1925 Bouvardia (Prochaska)
  • 1925 Air d'Ambré
  • 1925 Atakor
  • 1925 Bul Bul (Prochaska)
  • 1925 Orchidia
  • 1925 Orys
  • 1925 Daphne
  • 1925 Folie de Cœur
  • 1925 Bag Dabs solid perfumes
  • 1925 Lakme
  • 1925 Narcissus
  • 1925 Jasmin
  • 1925 Orange Blossom
  • 1925 Rose
  • 1926 Blue Line
  • 1926 Nuit Divine
  • 1926 Watch Case Flower
  • 1926 Lotus Flacons
  • 1927 Egyptian Alabastron
  • 1927 Lotus
  • 1928 Double Lotus
  • 1928 Lilas de Paques
  • 1928 Coffret

 Egyptian Alabastron by Edouardo: launched  in 1927: rare Baccarat bottle in clear crystal with enameled and molded detail, lotus stopper with blue patina. Modeled after an ancient bottle in the collection of Enrico Caruso. Bottle stands 4” tall, stenciled Baccarat. Photo from Rago Arts.

Nuit Divine and Lilas de Paques by Edouardo: introduced in 1928, bottles made of Baccarat crystal and decorated with stylized lotus flowers, with a lotus shaped stopper. These bottles were produced for a Christmas edition for the perfumes. Photos from Lombrail-Teucquam.

Edouardo also sold solid perfumes called "Bag- Dabs from the French Riviera" in galalith/bakelite pots.
"Smart women carry bag-dabs you one? If not call at The Gift . Fields, Risco resident, to Cape... bag-dabs the latest French perfumery, BAG DABS— direct from France. A solid perfume Mother will Appreciate. Will not evaporate, turn rancid or spill in her hand bag. Four odors: Narcissus, Lakme, Jasmin, Orange Blossom, in two sizes $1.25 - $1.75."
"Satisfactory solid scent at last! The season’s successful novelty. Packed in French hand painted, non-porous, unbreakable boxes (not celluloid). “Edouardo” brings from their factory at Grasse what every perfumer has been trying for and what every woman wants - a solid perfume - that can be carried safely and daintily - that will not turn rancid, evaporate, nor spill in the bag. Just the thing for prizes, favors of the small gift - inexpensive, lasting and exquisite. The colors denote the odeurs:  Narcissus in Blue, Jasmin in Green, Lakme in Red, Orange Blossom in Amber, and Rose in Pink"
 "One need no longer leave their favorite perfume on the dressing table. Edouardo Bag-Dabs may be had in sets of three different odors. A dab from each makes an individual blend.  This satisfactory solid perfume is now being imported by Edouardo and is for sale throughout the country in the better shops under the name "Edouardo's" Bag-Dabs. Edouardo Bag-Dabs, both perfume and boxes, are made in France. Be sure to ask for Bag-Dabs by name. Parfums EDOUARDO."
"If you are a user of the famous Bag-Dabs, you will appreciate the appeal of Lilas de Paques. Lilas de Paques is bottled and sealed in France, and is exclusively an Edouardo product. The beautiful hand'painted containers are also imported from France."
 "Solid Perfume Sticks. There is nothing new about solid perfume, of course. Parfums Edouardo was probably among the first to introduce it in the United States early in 1926 in the form of "Bag-Dabs." Narcissus, Jasmin, Lakme, and Orange Blossom fragrances came in solid form packaged in hand- painted, non-porous, unbreakable containers."

Bag Dabs in wooden box, photo from worthpoint 

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