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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cottan, Diamant Bleu & Mouilleron Perfumes

Mouilleron of 2 quai Billancourt, Billancourt (Seine) France, was established in 1819 and has a successful perfumery company until it was acquired by Cottan in 1935.

Diamant Bleu of 156 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore,Paris was established in 1907 by F. Bagot & Cie. They made perfumes and dental products.

In 1912, they were bought out by Groupement International des Grands Coiffeurs. Later purchased by Maurice Chalom & Elie Devaux du Gourd de Bruniere in 1926. Their most famous perfume was for Etoilee de Bagdad of 1927. In 1937 they were acquired by Cottan.

Groupement International des Grandes Coiffeurs of 16 rue Saulnier, Paris was established around 1900 to provide luxury perfumes, beauty products and toiletries for sale at hairdressing salons.

Cottan (Cottan-Porte) of 40 rue de Chateaudun, Paris was established in 1832 by Docteur Cottan and named La Parfumerie de la Societe Hygenique du Docteur Cottan 1840.The company manufactured perfumes, costmetics and toiletries, they produced unusual luxury presentations in the 1920s.

The perfumes of Mouilleron:
  • 1910 Secret de Femme
  • 1926 Rosemary
  • 1926 Royalis Flor
  • 1926 Flodorys
  • 1926 Mon Beguin

The perfumes of Diamant Bleu:
  •  1927 Etoilee de Bagdad

The perfumes of Cottan, also known as Societe Hygienique:
  • 1857 Rouge de Bengal, reintroduced in 1924
  • 1870 Eau de Toilette Mandarine
  • 1910 Eryda
  • 1917 Sysmee
  • 1920 Chant D'Amour
  • 1920 Dazy
  • 1920 Musidore
  • 1920 Joye de Cœur
  • 1921 Dacry
  • 1922 Lilas Cottan
  • 1922 Arnaga
  • 1922 Incroyable Bouquet
  • 1922 Griserie
  • 1922 Krocusia
  • 1922 Laurosa
  • 1922 Bronx Park
  • 1922 Heliosa
  • 1922 Rosilda
  • 1922 Cythise
  • 1922 Kiou-Li
  • 1922 Muguet de France
  • 1922 Japara
  • 1922 Lait du Violettes
  • 1922 Myrte d'Or
  • 1922 Violettes Derby
  • 1922 Si Jolie
  • 1922 Rouge de Basque
  • 1922 Very Violet
  • 1924 Arnage
  • 1925 Chypre
  • 1930 Ambre
  • 1930 Adoree

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