Saturday, March 22, 2014

Body On Tap Shampoo

 “Gives your hair good body.”  “Enriched with beer.“

Body On Tap was made by Bristol Meyers starting in 1978 and they had discontinued it after short 4 years not because of liability with it being associated with alcohol as many people believe, but simply because it didn’t sell that well.

Body On Tap was made with 1/3 Budweiser brand beer, but didn’t leave your hair with a beer smell, it had a fresh, clean scent that lasted nearly all day. The beer was not drinkable no matter what anyone may have thought at the time because, before it was used in any manufacturing processes, it was denatured. Budweiser didn’t want to be publicly associated with the Body On Tap brand, especially a denatured alcohol product and for their own marketing reasons that beer was meant to be drunk and not poured on the head and may have not wanted to be blamed in any way if the product didn’t make it.

To suit hair of every type, the shampoo came in an “oily”, “normal” and “dry”  formulas. According to reviewers, it made your hair shiny, smooth, frizz free and manageable with lots of volume. You could find it packaged in either a 7 oz, 11 oz and 15 oz size in a beer bottle shaped container and even in a small sample size and a promotional blister pack.

A label from a bottle of shampoo reads :
BODY ON TAP shampoo washes in the clean, full body your hair needs to be its most beautiful…and you‘ll love the fresh delicate fragrance. BODY ON TAP Balanced Shampoo has been specially formulated to meet the cleaning and conditioning needs of normal hair. Wet hair. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. BODY ON TAP is Ph balanced, non alkaline. 
And safe for delicate or color treated hair. For body that’s in beautiful condition, follow each shampoo with BODY ON TAP CONDITIONER.

Their tagline was “brewed with real beer”.

Today you can find Body on Tap shampoo and Conditioner but this new formula has a new scent, some reviewers have mentioned that the fragrance isn’t the same as they remember. The new formula is also thinner and lighter in color than you might remember.

Some detailed information used here was obtained by a blog post by Alan Taplow who “was the division's purchasing manager when it was rolled out into the marketplace.”

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