Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mori and Valmy Perfumes

Mori, Paris was established in 1908 in Paris France and may have been affiliated to Fontanis. Mori perfumes were imported into the USA by Parfums Francais, Inc of New York.

They closed in 1931. I am wondering if they were either absorbed by another company named Valmy or if the company name was changed to Valmy around 1933, as some of Valmy's perfumes had the same names as Mori such as Pour Toi, Viens, L'Heure de Minuit.

Now I am also wondering if Valmy, Paris and Mori were affiliated to Parfums d'Anjou, Paris. They shared a perfume name in common - Nuits Folles. Mori and d'Anjou shared the Reve d'Amour perfume name.

Also Odeon, Paris.

All four perfume company's logos were designed identically.

Many of Mori's, d'Anjou's, and Valmy's perfumes were housed in Baccarat crystal flacons. d'Anjou's Reve d'Amour was housed in a bottle by Rene Lalique.

Now the perfume company Maudy shared a bottle design with Mori for their perfume Idylle which was made up of opaque white Baccarat crystal and trimmed in thick gold enamel. Maudy also shared a bottle design with one of Odeon's perfumes:

The perfumes of Mori:

  • 1908 Jasmin
  • 1917 Les Fleurs
  • 1923 Amour
  • 1924 Gardenia
  • 1929 America
  • 1930 Fontanis
  • 1931 Folle
  • 1931 Parfum de Romance, this is the re-branded fragrance Fontanis.
  • 1931 Pour Amour
  • 1931 Pour Toi
  • 1931 Toi et Moi 
  • 1931 Viens
  • 1932 Reve d'Amour
  • 1932 L'Heure de Minuit
  • 1932 Hellade
  • 1933 Baiser Brilliant

The perfumes of Valmy:

  • 1933 Pour Toi
  • 1933 Viens
  • 1933 L'Heure de Minuit

Parfums d'Anjou:

  • 1930 Reve d'Amour
  • 1933 Nuits Folles
  • 1933 Pour la Danse
  • 1933 Paradis


Parfums Odeon was established in Paris in 1902; main production in the 1920’s-1960s. usually you will find their perfumes in miniature sizes boxed in sets of six or more as Parfums of Paris or similarly named souvenir sets from France.
  • 1933 Jadis
  • 1933 Folle
  • 1933 Reviens
  • Nonchalance
  • Sweet Pea
  • Chypre
  • Gardenia
  • Odeon Bouquet
  • Ribou
  • Nemours
  • Redon
  • Loire
  • Minuit
  • Tois
  • Thilly
  • Royan
  • Vole
  • Anet

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