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Established by four brothers, Georges, Michel, Lionel and Maxime at rue Beausejour, Nantes, France in 1882. In 1892 Biette, was taken over by Alexis Biette. Later they merged with G. Lemoine in 1939; and finally ceased trading in 1950.

They had branches in major cities in Europe, Africa and the USA. The produced spectacular soap and toiletry sets, often humorous. They started introducing superb perfume presentations in the 1920s, and some flacons were produced by Baccarat such as the bottle for Bel Été. The bottle for Narciris was designed by Julien Viard.

The perfume Ambre Moderne was classified as a sweet amber perfume for women and was created by Maxime Biette. Other perfumes by Maxime Biette were the spicy floral oriental perfumes Marsolia and Nuit Enchantée, the floral bouquet fragrance Narciris, and the lily of the valley soliflore perfume Bel Été.

The perfumes of Biette:
  • 1912 Coppelia
  • 1912 Étoile d’Or
  • 1920 Foin Coupe
  • 1920 La Coupe Fleurie
  • 1920 Parfum Madame
  • 1923 La Liseuse
  • 1923 Teindefleur/Teinflore
  • 1924 Fantasia de Fleurs Mie
  • 1926 Pour Ma
  • 1926 Bel Été 
  • 1927 Naciris
  • 1927 Marsolia 
  • 1927 Ambre Moderne
  • 1927 Nuit Enchantée
  • 1930 Joli Rien
  • 1930 Rose de Taif
  • 1930 Se Tu
  • 1932 Œillet Velours
  • 1932 Violettes de Nice
  • 1932 Lyatris du Japan
  • Ketsia
  • Arrette
  • Bouquet du Nil
  • Isha
  • La Plus Jolie Rose
  • Origan
  • Sitim
  • Jasmin
  • Chypre
  • Marjolaine
  • Ambre

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