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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rodin & Merle Norman Perfumes

Rodin Paris was established by Merle Norman (S.A.R.L.) at 9 rue Auber, Paris in 1946. JB Nethercutt was the co-founder along with his aunt, Merle Nethercutt Norman, of Merle Norman Cosmetics.

Working out of a home in Santa Monica, Mr. Nethercutt's aunt had a small cosmetics business in 1931. Mr. Nethercutt quit college and joined the business, helping establish Merle Norman Cosmetics. Nethercutt, who was widely respected as an expert on cosmetic chemistry, developed some of his company's most popular products, including blush rouge, perfume and lipsticks. He later bought out his aunt, her husband and the other shareholders and eventually built a company with $100 million in sales. There are now about 2,000 Merle Norman franchises nationwide. His son Jack is now the lead for the Cosmetics company.
  • 1946 Sacree, (also sold as Sacree by Norman)
  • Vivons 

The perfumes of Merle Norman:
  • 1940 Regency
  • 1946 Sacree
  • 1946 First Kiss
  • 1946 Merlita
  • 1947 Jonquiljoy
  • 1948 Adoration, Merle Norman. 1948. This is the re-branded fragrance 'Sacrée' by Rodin
  • 1950 Tulaire
  • 1950 Resort
  • 1953 Jolly Sin
  • 1953 Golden Feather
  • 1955 Dianthus
  • 1955 Caress
  • 1957 Constantly
  • 1963 Lasting Spring
  • 1972 Baroque (romantic floral perfume, aldehydes, amber, citrus, lilac, woodsy, mossy) 
  • 1972 Kari (oriental perfume, jasmine, rose, spices, incense, sandalwood)
  • 1975 MN (casual light green floral forest blend, aldehydes, ivy, wild jasmine)
  • 1975 Sylmar (light woodsy perfume, roses, fruit blossoms, citrus)
  • 1975 Chatelaine (oriental)
  • 1976 Arabesque (sophisticated spicy floral, musk, sandalwood, herb, spice notes - still sold in 1983)
  • 1987 Decollete

Merle Norman, put Adoration inside a golden Thai-style goddess whose impassive head popped off to reveal a faceted stopper.

c1945 ad

Nethercutt. Established by J.B. Nethercutt in Santa Monica, Ca; affiliated with Merle Norman and Rodin.
  • 1935 Tulaire
  • 1946 First Kiss
  • 1946 Merlita
  • 1947Jonquiljoy
  • 1950 Resort
  • 1953 Golden Feather


  1. Is Merle Norman Chattelaine still sold? I didn't see it on the discontinued list.

  2. My favorite perfume was Kari. I would love to have some again because it worked with my body's natural scent, but I don't want to pay an outrageous price. Where can I buy it besides e-bay?


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