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Charles Fay Perfumes

Charles Fay, established at 9 rue de la Paix, Paris,  in 1850 by Charles Fay and called Maison Fay. They were purveyors of perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries. They were best known for their powder Veloutine, and therefore changed their name to Parfumerie Veloutine. They won a gold medal at the 1900 Exposition.

Veloutine Fay, the face powder, was advertised in 1885 as "Invaluable for the freshness and beauty of the complexion and skin. The most celebrated rice powder, prepared with bismuth." The product was sold by sole agent G. Brossage, agent for RD Warburg et Cie of New York.

Charles Fay commissioned bottles to be designed by Julien Viard and made by Baccarat, Cristalleries de Nancy.

Extrait Impératrice was presented in a flacon by Cristalleries de Baccarat, design # 99.

Les Charmettes was presented in a flacon by Cristalleries de Baccarat design # 99, a variation was launched in 1920.

The Les Trois Muses presentation was a set of three perfume bottles in clear glass held in metal frame on stand. Designed by Julien Viard and made by Cristalleries de Nancy.

Charme de Femme's flacon was designed by Julien Viard.

Rose de Mai was presented with a small Murano glass flower in bottle. Imported into USA through Park and Tilford.

The perfumes of Charles Fay:

  • 1905 Violet 
  • 1905 Heliotrope
  • 1905 Peau d'Espagne
  • 1905 Chypre
  • 1906 La Dugazon
  • 1910 Mimosa
  • 1910 Parfum Scheherazade
  • 1910 Extrait Impératrice
  • 1911 Apsara
  • 1911 Les Charmettes
  • 1915 Glorie de Napoleon
  • 1920 Charme de Femme
  • 1920 Secret de Fay
  • 1920 Parfum Les Trois Muses (a perfume presentation, held various perfumes)
  • 1920 La Danse
  • 1920 Rose de Mai
  • 1921 Cabriole
  • 1921 Papillis
  • 1921 Précieux Visage
  • 1921 Printemps Fleuri
  • 1921 Extrait Cora
  • 1922 Cytherea
  • 1925 Sweet Pea
  • 1929 Zaim
  • 1929 Reverie de Fay
  • 1929 Plaisir d'Amour
  • 1929 Violette Aimee
  • 1930 Scheherazade
  • 1932 Chyris
  • 1936 Absolute Essense of Gardenia
  • Frigella
  • Lilas de Perse
  • Mirka
  • Son Baiser
  • Extrait Josia

1911 ad

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  1. Dear Cleopatra, thank you for the information on Ch. Fay. I own a bottle that's not on your list. The name is Cuir de Russie, the label says: Parfum Ch Fay Cuir de Russie, and there is another label saying: eau de cologne. The perfume is in a beautifully cut Baccarat bottle that looks like the 19th century, and in a box with green-gold decoration and labels. I can't find information about it on the web, so if you know more, it would be very welcome.
    Yours sincerely,


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