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Rochambeau of New York City & Paris, a Franco-American importing company established in 1923 by Xavier Rochambeau and Robert Coudert de Saint-Chament.

They specialized in French made medium and low priced novelty perfumes, very small and toy like, thin, blown glass bottles that were made in Germany for export to the USA. Some of their perfume bottles are tiny glass balls in the shape of grape bunches or little square dice. They were affiliated to La Gourde du Poete, whose products they imported into the USA. Also associated with Holman Soap Co of Chicago.

Another presentation was Clochettes Parfumees, a presentation of twelve tiny glass bells.

The perfume for Dedette was a presentation figural of a cat, other figural bottles included a bulldog, monkey, jack rabbit, candlesticks, candlestick, candlestick telephone, quarter moon, harem shoes, mah jogg set, football, golf ball, bunch of grapes, mushrooms, goblet, pipe, thermometer and others.

Dolene was presented in a glass Flapper shaped doll bottle.

Les Papillons presentation consisted of a fabric butterfly wings with a small bottle as the body.

A very interesting presentation, Earrings Parfumée, was of a pair of earrings of which held tiny perfumes.

The perfumes of Rochambeau:

  • 1920 Mushrooms (perfume presentation)
  • 1920 Cyclamen
  • 1920 Heliotrope
  • 1920 Jasmin
  • 1920 Mimosa
  • 1920 Muguet
  • 1920 Ambre
  • 1920 Chypre
  • 1922 Les Animaux (perfume presentation)
  • 1923 Clochettes Parfumees (perfume presentation)
  • 1923 Bouquet
  • 1923 Le Papillions (perfume presentation)
  • 1923 Quarter Moon (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Loving Cup (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Mah Jong (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Candlestick (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Medalion Sautoir (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Nest of Satin (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Ambre
  • 1924 Dedette
  • 1924 Didi
  • 1925 Dice (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Umbrellas (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Mon Ideal
  • 1924 Earrings Parfumée (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Fan Parfumee (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 La Gourde du Poete (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Pierrot (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Rochambeau Man
  • 1924 Santa Claus (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 White Fish (perfume presentation)
  • 1924 Wind Mill (perfume presentation)
  • 1925 La Maisón Parfumée
  • 1925 Mannequin de Paris (perfume presentation)
  • 1925 La Pipe Alsacienne (perfume presentation)
  • 1925 Jack Rabbit (perfume presentation)
  • 1925 Mi-Lady’s Handbag Parfumée (perfume presentation)
  • 1925 Jardiniere Parfumée (perfume presentation)
  • 1926 Boudoir Clock (perfume presentation)
  • 1926 Fleures Modernes Parfum #3
  • 1926 Wedding Bells (perfume presentation)
  • 1926 Dolene (perfume presentation)

La Gourde du Poete  of Paris France: Established by Rosalie Leforestier, perfumer, at 36 avenue de Wagram, Paris; originally called ‘Parfumerie de L’Ètoile’: launched a range of fragrances in c1925 including numerous single flower names which have not been recorded.

The company seems to have rebottled perfumes from famous makers and sold them in the gourd shaped perfume bottles for the La Gourde du Poete presentation.  They used Coty and Rochambeau's perfumes.

Here is my blog post on la Gourde du Poete:

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