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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Perfumes & Solid Perfumes of Mumtaz

Mumtaz, was the marketing division of the India Importing Co, and launched fragrances in the 1930's. Mumtaz was named after Mohammet I.K. Mumtaz, a chemist from India.

Most of the perfumes are in the solid form and will be in bakelite containers, much akin to those manufactured for Molinard's Concreta. The Mumtaz ones are different from Molinard because they are small round disk shaped containers.

The originally Arabic (masculine) adjective, Mumtaz, means distinguished or excellent. Arabs do not use it as a common name. The term was later adopted by Urdu, Persian, Indian and Turkish.

Mumtaz also sold incense.

The perfumes of Mumtaz:

  • 1933 Divine Perfume
  • 1935 Nite in India/Night in India
  • 1935 Rose of Kashmir
  • 1935 Benares Sweet Pea
  • 1935 Exciting
  • 1935 Lilac Breeze
  • 1935 Attar of Rose
  • 1935 Lotus
  • 1935 Orange Blossom
  • 1935 Vanilla
  • 1935 Jungle
  • 1935 Thrill
  • 1935 Gardenia
  • 1935 Jasmin
  • 1935 Violet
  • 1935 Carnation
  • 1935 Amber of India
  • 1935 Lily of the Valley
  • 1935 Attar of Mumtaz
  • 1935 Blue Zircon
  • 1935 Himalayan Musk
  • 1935 Persian Jasmin
  • 1935 Sandalwood

Mumtaz's solid perfumes were still being sold well into the 1940s.

A 1947 ad reads:
"Mumtaz Solid Perfume. 18 Exotic Enchanting Fragrances.  in richly handpainted purse containers for your purse and dressing table.  Pure oil from the flowers - no alcohol. Equal to a $10 bottle of other perfume. A perfect gift for your most discriminating friends. Guaranteed to last 5-15 years with ordinary use. $1.25 each."

A 1948 advertisement reads:
"Always with you in your purse or on your dressing table, cant spill, break nor evaporate.  Indispensable to good grooming. A gentle touch on the ear, neck or wrist - and it's precious fragrance gentle as a summer breeze, remains hauntingly for hours. A perfect gift for your most discriminating friends and a fragrance to suit your own personality. It is yours to enjoy in 18 exquisite odors. The most fastidious women use this immaculate Mumtaz Solid Perfume as a subtle tribute to their desire to be irresistibly feminine. Everyone loves a perfect perfume.  This is the original Mumtaz solid perfume perfected by the scientist Mohammet I.K. Mumtaz of India. Mr. Mumtaz is a graduate of two universities in chemistry and was the Royal Perfumer to Rajahs and Princes before the War. Mr. Lewis is a personal friend of Mr. Mumtaz and has sale of this perfume.  Nothing like it elsewhere. $1.25 each. Sells up to $4.00."

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