Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monna Vanna

Monna Vanna, established in 1920 in Britain, Then Moved to at 120-122 rue Borghese, Neuilly (Seine) France. The name was adopted from the title of the play by Maeterlinck.

They Produced luxurious presentations. The perfume Chypre was presented in a bottle by Verreries Viard. The bottle for Bouquet Cavalieri perfume was created by Julien Viard and produced by Depinoix.

The perfumes of Monna Vanna:
  • 1900 Bouquet Cavalieri
  • 1912 Braiser Supreme
  • 1912 Violette Caruso
  • 1913 La Rosa Monna Vanna
  • 1913 Magnatic
  • 1914 Mademoiselle
  • 1919 Lilas D'Or
  • 1919 Lilac
  • 1919 L'Oiseau Bleue
  • 1919 Pavlova
  • 1921 La Nature 
  • 1921 Meme
  • 1921 Charmeur
  • 1921 Origame
  • 1921 Ambre
  • 1921 Les Fleurs Memes
  • 1925 Ambrada
  • 1925 Chypre
  • 1925 Bouquet Carusco
  • De Le Digue

The American Perfumer and Essential Oil Review, Volume 11, 1917:
"Mr Siluis Van Dyk of Paris proprietor of Parfumerie Monna Vanna, Paris, arrived in New York on the Rotterdam, March 12, in company with Count de Frise. Mr Van Dyk is a brother of LA Van Dyk, manufacturing chemist New York.  
The travelers met Dr FS Mason on board, and had occasion to enlist his services to combat Neptune when the efforts of the ship's physician proved unavailing. Not knowing that Dr Mason is the American representative for Rigaud, the Paris perfumer, Mr Van Dyk sent as a token of gratitude to Dr Mason, a handsome bottle of Monna Vanna perfume. When explanations were made the party became highly amused over the strange coincidence and celebrated the meeting of kindred spirits in the most approved nautical manner." 

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