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Hener, of Paris, France. They were affiliated to Marshall Field & Co.

The perfumes of Hener:
  • 1922 Ishtar
  • 1923 Senorita
  • 1923 Flair
  • 1926 Perle Divine
  • 1926 Cabaret
  • 1926 Rue de Rivoli
  • 1926 Belle de Nuit
  • 1930 Sourire de France
  • 1930 Doux Sourire
  • 1930 Turquoise

The perfume Sourire de France was housed inside of a rectangular pink opaque crystal bottle with silver trim, manufactured by Baccarat in 1926. The cap is made up of metal and adorned with bubblegum pink enamel, the over cap covers an inner stopper. The bottle stands 3 1/4" tall X 1" deep X 3 1/2" wide.

Fashions of the Hour, 1926:
"And a delicate scent to please a pretty nose: (8) Asphodele by Lentheric, crystal and silver bottle, $12.50. (9) Lionceau's Parfum pour Blondes, jade green bottle, $15. (10) Sourire de France, old rose and silver bottle, $30. (11) Rue de Rivoli by Hener, black bottle with red and white, $18. (12) Hener's Belle de Nuit, royal blue bottle and case.

Fashions of the Hour, 1930:
 Marshall Field's "A la Page" a spicy modern perfume in a red and white bottle. 2 oz. $18. 4107 — Hener's perfumes "Sourire de France", "Doux Sourire" and "Turquoise" 1 oz ..$5. Hener Purse Package - $1."

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