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Monday, August 11, 2014

Les Parfums Viville

The Viville Parfums of Paris France, established at 24 ave de l'Opera, Paris in 1892 When Rene Albert Camus Viville Acquired House has company Established in 1836 by Ernest Camus.

C1928 ad

They created low priced to luxury perfume presentations. Their best seller of the 19th century was the perfume Parfum des Femme de France. The firm was later acquired by Yardley in 1924 and called Viville-Yardley. The entire showroom was decorated by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann and featured macassar ebony furniture in the Art Deco style. Other items such as lighting fixtures, carpets and decorative metalwork adorned the showroom.

This pair of Art Deco chairs are shown in the photograph above, in the center towards the back. The tall table is shown in the forefront and another to the right. 

The perfumes of Viville:
  • 1892 Violette Reine
  • 1895 Caresse de Fleur
  • 1895 Parfum des Frères de France
  • 1895 Parfum des Femme de France
  • 1900 Cage d'Amour
  • 1900 Irresistible Muguet
  • 1900 Ohe! Ohe!
  • 1900 Ria
  • 1900 Rose Capiteuse
  • 1900 Vœu et Bonheur
  • 1904 L'Étoile de Napoleon
  • 1908 Sourire d'Avril
  • 1908 Charme Secret
  • 1908 Pensée Rose
  • 1909 Bacchanal
  • 1910 Gaite 
  • 1910 Œillet
  • 1910 Opera Parfumerie
  • 1910 Baccara , reissued in 1930
  • 1910 Le Dirigeable
  • 1911 La Meilleure Violette
  • 1911 L'Eveil
  • 1913 Orior
  • 1913 Presage Victoire
  • 1920 Échelle
  • 1920 Muguet de Mai
  • 1920 Pivoine
  • 1920 Près de Moi
  • 1925 Ecaille
  • 1927 Vrai Rose de France
  • 1927 Sous Les Lilas
  • 1927 Cœur de l’Été
  • 1928 Chypre d'Antan
  • 1930 Dame du Lac
  • 1930 Lady Lacquer
  • 1930 Fortunia
  • 1930 Proche de Moi
  • Boton di Oro

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